Sick kids

I’ve got like 10 posts I want to do, but I need time to do them, and with both kids sick, and work, and everything, I just haven’t had time.

Being a working mom is really hard. I just need the kids to be healthy for a couple of weeks so I can get in the groove at work. Instead, here it is, not even a full week, and I’m already messing up my schedule and not being able to accomplish things because I needed to work from home and take care of the kids.

Landon, Bobby, and Ollie all have a cold of some sort. Landon’s ear infection never completely healed. Ollie does not react well to vaxing. Hopefully Ollie will wake up from his nap and be better except the stuffy nose. We’ve got even stronger drugs for Landon’s ear, so hopefully those will kick in soon. Both kids have a fever right now, and I don’t know if its the cold or the other things causing it.

Also, no sleep last night for me. Ollie needed to be held or to at least hold on to me all night. And Landon woke up at 3AM to puke. At least he missed the bed and got only his floor. Let’s hear it for tile floors!

Ollie had a well visit yesterday. I swear he was mostly well yesterday. So on 3/15/2010 Ollie was 26 & 1/4 inches long and weighed 18lbs 15oz. He is in the 90% for height and over 100% for weight.He is also in the 90% for head size.
This past weekend though, we were mostly healthy, and we went to the Ostrich festival and had a good time.

Ollie likes his fist


View the whole set on Flickr


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