Landon Letter 3.7

Dear Landon-

You are three years and seven months old! It’s been a rough month for you, as you developed a double ear infection this month. It was so bad that we had to upgrade your antibiotics to kick it, as amoxicillin was not doing the trick! You seem recovered now, which is good. It made us sad to have you be in pain. Also, the pain was keeping you up at night.

We did get the results from your blood draw, and they are not good. You are about the same level of allergy, but you are not improving. The doctor is no longer optimistic that you will ever outgrow your milk allergy. Your results read Test on 2/12/2010: 24.60 kU/L Class 4 Ige 150 Iu/ML.

You recently discovered the joys of computer games. I made the mistake of letting you play on the small netbook we have, just a few games on, and next thing I knew, you were addicted. You love playing games, and you are getting very good at them. Your other favorite thing is to go spend the night out at Grandma’s house. You love to do this, although I miss you when you’re gone.

You are back in school 4 days a week again. I returned to work last week, so you are back on your old schedule. So far you seem to be handling it well. It’s only one extra day from where you were the past few months. Your dad is taking you to Swim Class once a week, and you are getting better at that! He says you still cannot swim, but that you will put your head under the water now, so that’s an accomplishment!

Love Always,


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