Pizza and My Boys

It amazes me how different my kids are.

With Landon, I thought Bibs were a WASTE of MONEY and totally not worth it. You gave Landon a bottle, and when he was done you dabbed at his face and he was clean. Ollie gets milk EVERYWHERE. You need a bib or you end up with a soaked baby.

The Barro’s Pizza near us has Gluten Free Crust! So we went there and Bobby got a pizza, I got a pizza, and Landon got plain pasta. Landon got to play in the kids area, and Ollie had a bottle. I gave Ollie a pizza crust and he managed to get it to his mouth and suck on it! So baby’s first food? Pizza! Not that he actually ate any of it, but there you go! (I haven’t actually started him on solids, not am I in any rush.)


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