Landon’s appointment with his allergist

Landon has a dairy allergy. He is allergic to the milk protein called casein. He can not under any circumstance have Cheese, Milk, Butter, or anything with casein in it at all. We visit an allergist annually to monitor his condition.

Landon’s appointment for 2010 was yesterday, and I didn’t get to go to the allergist this time because of Ollie’s whole hunger strike yesterday. I took Ollie to his doctor while Bobby took Landon to the allergist.

The allergist noted that Landon had a fever and that his ear infection looked bad. Then they looked over the numbers. Landon’s up to a 25, which still a class 4. Basically the doctor still does not feel that we need an epi-pen, so I guess that’s good news. He doesn’t have a reason or anything as to why Landon’s numbers are creeping up, but the fact is that they are.

At this point, it doesn’t look good for him to outgrow it. Landon will most likely be allergic to milk for all his life. I feel so bad for him. I just want to make it better. It breaks my heart that his boy will never love pizza the way I do, never be able to just go to a party or a restaurant and order “what looks good.” I’ve held out hope, though small, that he would outgrow it, and honestly, every time I’ve taken him, they’ve told me that they were optimistic that he would eventually out grow it. The doctor actually told Bobby that after this test they no longer were optimistic he would out grow it. They don’t know why it is going up, and it’s not going up a lot, but it is creeping up.

I’m thankful that his allergy is not currently life threatening. I live in fear that will change one day. I’m thankful that he doesn’t have something worse than a food allergy, and that his allergy is fairly manageable. I’m thankful he’s starting to get to the age where he understands that “Milk makes me sick.” I’m annoyed at his current favorite show “Team Umizoomi” for having an entire episode devoted to milk.

Here are Landon’s numbers, for my reference:
Test on 2/12/2010: 24.60 kU/L Class 4 Ige 150 Iu/ML
2/25/09 19.10 class 4H IgE 155H
Test in Feb 08 was 12.57
Test in Feb 07 was 7.98

In other news, Landon just got back from his peds office with a stronger antibiotic RX as his old one was not kicking it, and he still has two infected ears, one of which is perforated still.


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