A tale of sick kids

Okay, so when we last left our intrepid heroes, er, I mean, my sick children, Ollie had an ear infection and Landon had an Ear infection. Ollie had a cough and cold with a runny nose, Landon was pretty much recovered.

Except the last few days Landon’s been complaining his ear hurts, and then he spiked a fever again. He’s been a grumpasaur and he’s home from school today and Bobby just took him back to the doctor.

Landon had his yearly appointment with the allergist yesterday, and his numbers are slightly worse again. At this point they are no longer optimistic that he will out grow this. I’ll have another post about that in the future.

In the mean time, Ollie has progressively sounded worse, while still being a happy baby. He sounds junky, and a little rattly, he hates being suctioned, despite buying a nose frida. The nose frida works way better than the bulb, but elicits the same reaction in Ollie as the bulb.

I was worried about how he was sounding, but he was breathing fine, playing, eating, and all the things a good baby does. So I didn’t worry on Sunday too much. But then Monday, HE STOPPED EATING. I cannot tell you how out of character and crazy this is for him. One thing you can say about Ollie is that he is a good eater who loves his food. When he was in the hospital, and we started feeding him, everyone (and I mean everyone in the medical field) was struck by how quickly Ollie started eating and how well he ate for as sick as he was.

He hadn’t stopped all together. He would take a few sips, then arch his back and scream like was I trying to kill him. He’d give me hunger cues, then act like I was crazy for attempting to feed him. He took fresh pumped (of course I had just called it quits on pumping and was trying to dry up) milk the best, so I ended up pumping some. But after a day where he’d eaten maybe 5 oz between 7AM and 2PM (rather than 18 oz), I was freaking at. Also, he cried solid from 1:30-2:15. He DOES NOT do that. I tried to feed him at 1:30, which started it. At I Gave him gas drops and Tylenol, waited 10 minutes, then tried to feed again. More screaming. So I called his doctor.

I got him in at 4pm. At this point he was just refusing to even try the bottle at all. I’m expecting to be sent to the hospital, to be honest. She listened to him breathe, and looked worried. They did a Blood/O2 count, and he’s still high 90s-100, so we did a breathing treatment in the office. She diagnosed him with Bronchiolitis, which is a side effect from a bad cold, such as RSV. Basically he’s really junky and wheezy. He got an RX for Alburterol for that. I’m like, okay, what about the FOOD issue.

She asked me if he had a history of reflux. I told her no, but that I had wondered. Basically after watching a friends journal through a daughter with really bad reflux, and her symptoms, I’d been quietly suspecting Ollie might have a mild reflux. Not bad. But about once a day, he’d freak out in the middle of feeding for a few seconds, which does fit with reflux. He also occasionally spits up after a feeding, but it’s not while being burped, in fact, its usually about 5 minutes after a feeding while he is happy and playing. I talked to her about this, and she tells me she thinks he does have mild reflux, and that this type of illness tends to take a mild case of that and make it bad. So she sent me home with baby zantac.

Ollie seems to be doing better today, and he’s eating like normal again since we started the zantac and I switched back to just fresh breast milk.
Yesterday sucked. I was pretty scared, I’m shocked we aren’t in the hospital. The news on Landon’s allergy really depressed me too.
I just want my kids to get healthy and stay healthy.


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