Landon letter 3.6

Dear Landon-

I may never get this written if you don’t wake up fully from your nap and stop crying. I know in your last letter I said you pretty much gave up naps, and you did, I swear! But every once in a while, you do take a nap. Especially on days where you have a very exciting morning or a busy day the day before. Such as spending the night ay Grandma’s which you did recently, and also having your allergy blood draw, which happened on Friday (2/12/09). Results of said blood draw will be in next months letter, I am sure.

You are three and a half. That means you are now closer to your 4th birthday than your third, which hurts my head a little. You have grown up so much! Having your little brother around reminds me of how small you used to be, and then to see you now! Such a big little boy! Not a baby, or a toddler, but a BOY!
I worry sometimes about your diet. You like to eat such few items, and do not like to try new things. You love to play outside, but you also like to sit around and watch TV. Your favorite shows are currently Team Umizoomi, Super Why, Krypto, Wubbzy, and Max and Ruby. You like to watch the movie Horton Hears a Who on the TV in Dada’s car, and you can now work the DVD player so you can watch your favorite bits over and over again.
You are sort of becoming a Dada’s boy. With Ollie in the picture, I have to devote more time to the baby, and that does mean less time for you. Dada has been great though about spending extra time with you, and as a result, you want to spend even more time with him!
This month has been a little bit about adventures in going potty. You are completely potty trained and have not had an accident in a long time. That said, this month you tried peeing in a bucket in your room, peeing in the shower, and peeing outside, along with an attempt to poop outside, which I interupted. I’m hoping that this next month we are back to putting our excriminte in the potty only again.
School is going very well for you. You are still having the occasional day of getting in trouble, but overall you seem to enjoy it. You know most of your letters on sight and understand colors, shapes, and numbers. You seem pretty on track for your age, so that is good! We also had you start a Swim class last week. I’m hoping by the time it’s warm enough to swim, you will be able to dog paddle without any floaties. Dada took you and said you had a very good session, although you would not put your head underwater!
This letter, of course, is being published on Valentines day, so I wanted to talk for a minute about the person most likely to be your valentine, Emily. Em is your best friend in the whole world. The two of you love to play together, and you also love to get in trouble together! You have been affectionally dubbed “our little Bonnie and Clyde” because of some of the adventures you have had. We’ve shown up to pick you up from school to find everyone happily playing except you and Em. You will be standing in one corner, Em in the other. In the past few years the two of you have locked yourselves in the bathroom together, peed in buckets when no one was looking, trashed your bedrooms, spent birthdays together, shared food, toys, and love. You both talk about the other when apart. The other day I asked you if you wanted to go to school tomorrow and see your teachers. You told me, “I don’t like the teachers, I just like Emily.” Emily, on the other hand, told her dad that you “Can’t drink milk because it would make my Landon sick.” The two of you are so close, it’s so much fun to watch you grow and play togther. You are so lucky to have such a good friend!
Love Always,


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