happy family weekend

Thursday night dinner was fun, as always, Bobby had made this delicious Blood Orange cake that was just to die for. We had the last two pieces of it while watching Supernatural on Friday night. (Thank you Leigh for the Olive Oil that made the cake possible!)
Yesterday was a pretty awesome day. First off, Ollie has been “sleeping” through the night, sort of, for the last two nights. I say sort of because he, once midnight rolls around, he wakes and fusses. If I get up and feed him, he’ll eat less than an ounce, and then fall asleep. If I put a binky in his mouth, and talk to him for a minute, he falls asleep, and sleeps for an hour, and then wakes and repeats the process. Around 4-4:30 AM, he will finally wake and actually cry, so I get up at that point and feed him. Then I try to catch another 60 minutes of sleep before Landon wakes up at 5:30AM. No matter what we do, that boy just wakes up TOO EARLY!!! Still, this is more sleep than I have gotten since Ollie was born, so I’m feeling better. Last night Ollie ate 9 oz in a sitting before going to sleep! How crazy is that? I didn’t think his tummy could hold that much! He normally eats about 6-7 oz in a sitting.
So then yesterday Bobby got up and we went out to Red Robin for lunch. Both kids were pretty good, Oliver was awake for most of the meal, so I ate one handed while entertaining him. We had talked about going to the science center, but we forgot to grab the good camera, and then accidently left our directions at the restaurant, so we decided to just hit Fiesta Mall instead.
We walked in and saw this place called Pose Photo. I commented that I would like a family photo soon, and Bobby agreed, and suggested we check out this place and maybe get one! Doesn’t he rock?
For less than $50 I got one 8×10, 2 5x7s, and 20 wallets of 2 poses, plus all the digital images from the session! AND they touched them up digitally, AND I had the pictures in hand within 30 minutes of taking them. I was very impressed overall, although the guy running it did not seem to speak very good English, and it was pretty fast moving. I am thinking I may go back just to get shots of the kids though. This is one of my favorites. The whole set is on Flickr!


Also, have you seen these train things they are adding to the Malls? How weird is that? A little train that drives around the mall? Landon, of course, loves it, but talk about silly and overpriced! We let him ride as a reward for smiling and being good for the pictures.
We swung through AJ’s and got some ingredients and came home. Bobby made an awesome pizza. He is such an amazing cook!
We’ve started watching a show that makes me laugh so hard I cry, and it’s not something I would have ever expected to watch or like. It’s called Top Gear and it’s a total blast. Watching the team drive the semi trucks or take rundown vehicles across the rainforest, or even cross the English Channel in a converted pickup truck, it’s just too funny. So we watched that last night, and another episode today as well.
We also had lunch today with Uncle Jack over at Pei Wei’s, which makes me happy, and even better, Bobby is in charge of dinner, so I know it will be tasty!
Ollie is really getting stronger. He likes to be held in a sitting position, and would prefer to be up out of his car seat when we go out to eat so he can look around. He also loves to stand up. He can support his whole body on his legs for a bit, he just lacks the balance to stand upright. The same goes for sitting up at this point too. It’s amazing how quickly they go from being floppy to this!
We had to take our pool vacuum robot thing to be serviced, as he had stopped moving about, and that meant a trip to the pool store. Landon was so cute, we saw this bulldozer float for babies, and I asked him if we should get it for baby brother. Landon said no, he wanted it for him. I told him he was too big, and Landon said he was getting smaller, not bigger. And as he said this he knelt down and tried to go all ball shaped. It was adorable!

More pictures have been posted over at Landon and Ollie, so go check them out!


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