<3 my boys!

My boys are so adorable.
Landon doesn’t like loud noises, like vacuum cleaners, but he does love to push things around the floor and pretend to vacuum. Christmas 2008 Landon wanted a vacuum cleaner. The toy ones I found were $25, but Wal-Mart had a cute little real one for $9. So Landon got a real vacuum. Today he was playing in his room and he figured out how to plug it in. It was on, so upon plugging it in, it started making noise. This caused Landon to FREAK OUT and start crying. I go running in to his room, and Landon is curled up in a ball on the ground crying while covering his ears. The vacuum is on the floor, plugged in and running. I was laughing so hard as I unplugged it. Landon asked me to put it in a corner because it was bad and too loud. I did this, and told him if he didn’t like the sound than do not plug it in. He told me his “dogs” did it. Landon’s pack of imaginary dogs are really getting him in trouble! Last night Landon wanted me to tuck his dogs in bed with him. He also wants to feed them bones.
Landon has been having some issues at school the past two weeks. He’s being a little rough with the other kids, and he’s not following instructions as well as he used too. Part of it is he just has so much energy.
Oliver is growing and growing. In the last couple of days he’s started reaching for his toys. He loves to touch some of his hanging toys on his playmat and listen to the noise it makes. He also rolls onto his side, he can’t roll over yet, but he’s getting there. His head control is improving. He’s still not sleeping as long a stretch as I would like at night though. He does smile and react, and the smiling and happy faces makes him 10 times cuter than he was as a newborn! He also is doing the start of babbling and making other noises when he plays.
I am so blessed to have my boys!


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