Landon letter 3.5

Dear Landon,
You are 3 years and 5 months old today. You are 38lbs and 40.5 inches tall. I love this stage, I love this age. People talk about freezing their kids when they are babies, “I wish they would stay this small.” I finally found an age I wouldn’t mind freezing you at. You are so imaginative. You are really into pretend play. I partly credit this to the Upside-down show, as they did a great job of expanding your pretend play. Now you make movies with your hands and bring me imaginary popcorn to eat while we watch the movies together. Also, the entire Dog Star Patrol from Krypto the Superdog apparently has become your entourage. Every time we load up in the car you have to tell me where each imaginary dog is sitting in the car.
This is the month where you finally gave up the ghost on naps. You don’t sleep anymore during naptime, and naptime has become “quiet time” instead. You stay in your room and play or sometimes watch TV. Your current favorite DVD is a show called “Super Why.” Currently you are in school Tues, Weds, and Thurs.
I’m home on maternity leave with Ollie currently, so I’ve been doing more cooking. This means that you have had more opportunity to help me in the kitchen. I look forward to when you start helping your dad cook more, because he can teach you to actually cook, unlike me. I follow the recipe and still mess it up. However, you love to help in the kitchen, which is nice. You are going to be a better cook than me! Well, you will be if you learn how to eat food, instead of mostly living on Pasta. Your favorite food remains noodles, and you would eat nothing but noodles with a touch of olive oil on it if we let you.
Since it’s winter, you aren’t swimming very much, but you love playing in the dirt in the back yard with our Great Dane, Latvia. It’s cute to watch you play with such a big dog. Also, if you had your way, you’d get to roll around in the dirt every day!
We had your fourth Christmas pass, and your first Christmas as a big brother. You got some cool stuff, mostly cars and robots. Your grandma got you a big wheels, which you love to take to the park. You were very helpful in opening all of Ollie’s gifts for him. You do seem to like your little brother at this point, which is wonderful. That said, I suspect life with 2 boys will get interesting. The other day the dogs chewed up a black filter, and you picked up all the torn pieces. You brought them to me, and I asked you who tore it up. You got this adorable smile on your face and said “Baby Brother did!” So it apparently does start this young!
I have to admit, you do have your issues and your melt downs, but overall, I love this age, and I love you. You are interactive, fun, exciting, and new. You enjoy playing with us and are learning how to play games with actual rules. We played Candyland together for the first time this past month, and you really dug it. We did get a note from your school that you like to play a little too rough sometimes though. We are talking to you about being softer with others. No one has been hurt though, well, no one but you. You hit your head the other day, because you were excited to get a book read to you at bedtime, and were running to your room. You tripped and went head first into the wall. You got a pretty big bump, which totally freaked us out. We called the doctor, and we made you wear the ice pack for about 10 minutes and lay down. You were acting fine, so the doctor said not to worry about it. The next day while wrestling with Dada, Dada lightly bumped his head on the couch, and told you it was time to stop wrestling because he hit his head. You responded by bringing all the pillows and blankets from your room and creating a bed on the floor for both of you. Then you demanded the “colder thing” and shared it with Dada until everyone felt better. It was adorable. You do take after me when it comes to the blankets. You like nothing more than to cuddle up with blankets and pillows.
You wake up every morning at around 5:30 AM, which leaves us rather tired, especially since your little brother seems to be a night owl. On the bright side, you go to be every night around 7:30, after having six books read to you, three by me and three by Dada. We love you very much, and think you are a wonderful little boy.
Love always


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