Ollies sort of schedule

Ollie did okay last night. He tends to not fall asleep until 9:30pm, Landon was always asleep by 7-8pm. Ollie wakes up for the day around 8am, Landon always got up around 6AM. Does this mean Ollie will be a night owl where Landon is an early riser? (Landon always wakes up between 5AM and 6:30AM, no matter what) Ollie slept from 9:30p to 1:30a, ate, then was asleep but restless from 2:30A till 4:50A, when he woke up and wanted to eat. I tried to get us back to bed, but he didn’t want to sleep in his crib. Normally he naps in his swing after his 5AM wake up, so I think taking him back into the room was my mistake.
Basically Ollie’s day sort of looks like this.
Wake up between 5AM and 6AM to eat, then nap in the swing.
8AM-9AM eat and get phenobarbital
awake for an hour or two, followed by a brief nap (about an hour)
11AM eat again then nap for two-three hours
2PM eat and then sort of awake for an hour
3pm back asleep
5pm awake, eats, and mostly awake until 9:30 at night, usually a cat nap or two thrown in (eats again at around 8pm)
9:30ish-asleep till
1AM awake for snack, back to sleep
5AM- repeat


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