Ollie Letter 0.2

Dear Ollie-
You are two months and one day old today. I wanted to wait till after your two month well check so that I could tell you that you are 13 lbs 13 oz, 24 inches tall, and your head is 41 cm around . This means you are in the 90% for weight, the 70% percentile for height, and your head size is on the charts, unlike your big headed brother. We also did something I never planned to do. We delayed a vaccine, as it turns out that the DTaP can lower the threshold for seizures. Given your history, the doctor thought it was in your best medical interest to delay this vaccine until after your neurologist appointment. Oddly, delaying the one vaccine meant that you had to have more shots in total, so you did get four shots and an oral medication though. Other than that, you are developmentally on track.
We tried you on Soy formula, which you threw up. We haven’t had any luck breastfeeding since your stay in the hospital. I’ve tried Enfamil Gentle Ease formula 4 times now, and you don’t seem to suffer any ill effects so far. More testing is needed, and in the meantime I’m pumping, and I’ve filled our chest freezer with food for you.
We saw the bill from the hospital stay you had last month, it was over $140,000, but thankfully health insurance picked up most of that. You seem to be doing okay overall, although you are still on Phenobarbital in order to prevent seizures. I don’t think you have had any seizures since your hospital stay.
You really aren’t on a Schedule yet. I wish you were. You seem to wake up or want to eat every 2-4 hours during the day, and every 2-5 hours at night. This means that I’m still running low on sleep myself. We had to sleep train you out of our bed and into your crib, and this took some work. Once we got home from the hospital, you wouldn’t sleep in the bassinet anymore. You slept in our bed for about a week, and then your dad set up the crib in our room. The crib mattress is basically set at the same height as our bed. I get you to sleep at night by holding your hand while you suck on a binky. Once you doze off, I can then roll over and go to sleep myself.
You had your first Christmas this past month. You didn’t get anything way cool for Christmas, mostly clothes and blankets and such. We appreciate everything you got. As it was all pretty helpful. Next year I am sure you will be even more spoiled. Your big brother helped open up all your presents this year!
When you were born, your eyes were a deep, dark blue. They have changed now to be brownish around the pupil, with a dark blue ring on the outside rim of your iris. It’s very striking. I’ve had some comments about how you look like me, but your eyebrows are red at this point, so I’m interested to see if your hair comes in redder as it fills out.
Overall, you are a bit gassy and fussy, particularly at night, before bed. Overall, you are a sweet child. You enjoy being carried in the cinchworm carrier, and only like the sling if I put you in it in an upright front carry, and you do not like the cradle hold at all! You’ve had a couple of baths, which you seem to like, but not love. You’ve been out to eat, over to Laura’s house for dinner, and even to the park a few times this month.
You are adorable and we love you.
Love always,


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