Landon letter 3.4

Dear Landon-
So sorry to have missed the past couple of months, but things here have been pretty busy. Today you are three years and four months old. You are getting so big! And you still have the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen.
The biggest change in your life was the welcoming of your baby brother Oliver into the world last month. Due to restrictions at the hospital, you weren’t able to meet Ollie until after school on Nov 5th. Dad brought you home from school, and you came over to where I was sitting with Oliver on the couch. You looked at him, and then told me that baby brother was “too scary” and that I should “put him back in your belly!” I explained that he was too big, but you wanted nothing to do with him. For the first few days you would not even get close enough to touch Oliver. The first picture of you together had to be photo-shopped so that you would be close enough to Ollie for me to make gifts with it. It was six days before I could get you touch Ollie. Now, however, you don’t mind him too much. You are learning to be a tolerant older brother. You will talk too or touch Oliver, and if I bribe you with candy, you will even pose for pictures with him.
That being said, Oliver was very sick last month and was in the hospital for 2 weeks. You spent the bulk of that time with Grandma and Grandpa, since I was in the hospital with Oliver. Your dad did take care of you a lot too, and you spent time with Aunt Heather and your cousins as well. You had a great time, even if you did miss us very much. Something odd did happen while you were with grandma; you had another mini language explosion. I think it might have been because you were with people who didn’t know all your speech habits for so long, that you had to improve so you could tell them what to do! You sure are a bossy little thing.
Halloween passed while we waited for your little brother to be born. You were Wow Wow Wubbzy for Halloween this year. You picked out that costume at the store yourself, and that makes this is the first year you chose your own costume. Your dad and I also took you to a pumpkin patch, where you decorated a pumpkin and picked out another one to carve with dad. Your preschool hosted a “Fall Festival,” and you and Emily both had a lot of fun attending! Emily is your very best friend, and your favorite thing about going to school seems to be spending time with her.
We took you to the State fair in October for the first time. You really had a blast. I was worried you wouldn’t like the rides, but you loved them. You even drove the kiddie bumper cars yourself. I was most impressed because you insisted on riding the Ferris wheel. You normally seem to have a fear of heights. You don’t like to be picked up to high in the air, and you are often afraid to slide down slides. You loved the Ferris wheel.
I had to call Poison control for the first time ever in October. You decided your new favorite snack is toothpaste. You were fine, and we moved the toothpaste to the top shelf. Then you climbed up there and got into it again, so now your toothpaste lives in our bathroom.
You spent Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house, and Uncle Jack was there too. You had a lot of fun, even if Mom and Dad weren’t able to attend.
Your current obsession is “Krypto the Superdog” You want to watch this show all the time. I am already burned out on it! You also have recently been enjoying “The Upside Down Show” and watching “The Aristacats” and “Madagascar.” You still love Cars and Wall-E as well. You enjoy reading the “Little Critter” books by Mercer Mayer.
You also have a new saying. When you get angry and want someone to say, stop singing along, you will tell them that they are “Making me dangerous.” As in, “Aunt Heather, stop singing, you’re making me dangerous.” It’s adorable. You have also threatened to put your father in a corner, and you’ve tried “counting” to make us do as you will. It’s all cute for now. Mostly you are well behaved. We’ve had some trouble with you not sleeping through the night though. We’re not sure why this is going on.
Overall, it’s been an eventful past few months. You are finally getting used to being a big brother, and are even willing to hold Oliver now. You like to bring him a pacifier, and when he cries, you often will tell him to be quiet.
You are an amazing little boy. We love you so much!



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