good day today!

Oliver is now off of the Fentanal and the Versed. He is currently on Methadone, and is not exhibiting any great withdrawal symptoms. He will need to be in the hospital to get the Methadone, and he will be on it till Thursday or Friday, so that is the earliest we will get out of the hospital.

Oliver is basically off of everything actually, at this point. He’s still getting 2 antibiotics until Weds. He’s also getting the lasiks drug to help reduce the swelling he has. He is so swollen as a result of being on the respirator and the drugs he was on. His head and face are finally normal sized again, along with his hands. His belly is still a little swollen. His privates are VERY swollen still. I’m told this will be the last thing to return to normal. Literally, his testicles are hanging around his knees and are larger than golf balls.

He’s also still getting a low dose of O2 through the tube on his nose, nothing serious. So basically he’s got 2 antibiotics, the a fore mentioned methadone, the anti-seizure phenobarbital (which he needs to be on for 3 months)and the lasiks. Compared to where he was just two days ago, it’s pretty amazing. He’s also eating normally. He’s peeing and pooping normally.

He’s doing so well, they want to move us out of ICU. This scares me, as it means the care won’t be as close. Given how fast he crashed, I’m just scared of moving. I’m more scared of taking him home than I was of taking my firstborn child home from the hospital after having him. I mean, Ollie was on deaths very doorstep, no exaggeration. I’ve been told by multiple doctors that if he hadn’t been in the hospital when he went septic that he would have died. I’ve had nurses who were there that Saturday night who have come to me telling me they went home crying because they were so sure he would not still be with the living when they returned for their next shift. They’re trying to tell me they are so happy he is doing so well, but it is so scary to think about. I couldn’t even tell he was having seizures. Aren’t mom’s supposed to know this crap? Anyway, I told the doctor that Oliver might be ready to leave ICU, but I’m not. They haven’t confirmed we are moving yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we had “transport” show up to move us at any point. Could be today, might be in 2 days.

All he has left is the PIC line in his head at this point, and since none of the meds he is on are continuous drip, most of the time he’s just got one tube with one med on it. This means he is easy to hold and easy to move around.

Right now my only concern about Ollie is his breathing patterns still seem off to me. He keeps pulling some of his breaths. Also, he sort of shakes his body sometimes when he breathes. I’ve had 2 doctors and 3 nurses look at it, and they all tell me that while it’s not totally “normal” it’s within the realm of normal for a newborn, especially one who has been through what Ollie has been through, and that they will “watch it,” but that his breathing sounds great and his O2 saturation is normal throughout the odd breathing episodes, so nothing to worry about. I hope they are right.

So right now everyone keeps telling me how Ollie was VERY SICK, but now seems MOSTLY over it.
We are very blessed. Thank you so much for all your prayers and positive thoughts. Please keep them coming for a few more days! We seem to be out of the woods, and I am convinced that your positive energy and prayers pulled off a miracle!

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