only one update today, most likely

I know, I’m late posting. I’ve been busy holding Oliver for most of the day.

More test results came back today, they were all negative. We are stopping the anti-viral drug at this point because we have ruled out all the viruses that the anti-viral drug can treat as the cause. The infectious disease doctor thinks it was probably a bacterial infection of some sort after all. Anyway, so they don’t know what made Ollie sick. I’m okay with that, as long as it doesn’t happen again.

Now the best news. The neurologist looked at the CT scans and the MRI scans, and his diagnosis is that what he’s seeing on the MRI is just inflammation due to the seizures he had last week. They think the damage will heal on it’s own, and most likely have no lasting effect on Oliver. He will need to be on the phenobarbital for the next three months. This is going to be fun because apparently the meds taste like crap, and so far no one has any good ideas how we are going to administer it to Ollie. A small challenge at this point, but still something to think about it. In three months, he’ll need another MRI to see how the healing is going and to determine if we can wean him off the meds totally.

So we’ll be off the pain meds on thanksgiving, and we should be off pretty much everything else by then too. The nurses all seem really surprised that Ollie is eating on his own. He’s had 10 oz today, and hopefully will eat more later. I’m not sure when that means we will be able to go home. Today’s nurse is just in shock and far along Oliver is in his recovery.

The one thing today has been a weird shaky breathing that he has been doing. The doctors think it maybe withdrawal symptoms despite the methadone, or perhaps just a weird breathing pattern (which is normal an infants, weird breathing patterns), but they are watching it to see what comes of it. They think his breathing sounds okay, and since it stops when you put your hand on him, they tell me it’s not a seizure. More on that as it develops.


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