quick update before I sleep

It’s been a busy last hour here in the ICU.

First of all, the IV in his leg went bad, so they decided to end the Milrinone! And they took the Lasiks off a drip and are going back to giving it in doses as needed. This means that he only has the IV lines in his head (PIC line) and in his neck (central line).

Secondly HE ATE!!! The doctor let us try an ounce of fresh pumped breast milk in a bottle to see how it went down. The nurse and I started giving it to him and Ollie wasn’t sure what to do with it. They warned me that after a week without eating that he might have some trouble remembering how to suck. At first he kept using his tongue wrong. He’d try to suck, and instead he’d spit the bottle out. It was pretty heart breaking for a few minutes. I wasn’t sure whether or not we should keep trying. The reason I kept trying is because he seemed to LIKE the milk, he just didn’t seem sure how to suck the bottle. (He was eating from a bottle just fine before we came down to ICU).

The nurse left me to try on my own when she got called to another room. Suddenly, Ollie just latched on properly and started sucking! I was happy I started crying right then. He ate! And I got to hold him! And the fact that he remembered within five minutes how to suck makes me think that everything in his brain might be okay too.


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