Ollie update

I’m knocking on wood as I type this. Ollie has had a good day! He has not had a weird blood pressure drop since the middle of the night last night, so that is the longest he has gone without one of those. In fact, we’ve had a couple of times where his blood pressure has actually been high! This means that hopefully we will be able to wean him off the other two blood pressure medications soon. His respirator was turned down to 20 in order to help wean him off of it, and they lowered the epinephrine, but he is still on it as of right now.
We did get some bad news today; at this point he’s been on his pain meds long enough that he will probably have withdrawal symptoms as he comes off of it. I’m not sure how to handle that, but we will deal with it as it comes. Also, since the results were all negative on the first round of tests, we’ve been waiting all day for someone to come in and do another spinal draw, but no one has had time yet. The doctor is thinking he will do it sometime tonight at this point. I’m hoping that Oliver will handle this procedure without a dip in blood pressure or O2 saturation, as that would be a very good sign indeed.
Oliver is more awake and aware today. He is moving around more and he is moving his mouth like he wants to spit out his breathing tubes. It’s a good sign, and it makes me feel better to see him moving.
I think he is improving. The nurse today said we will still be in ICU on Sunday, so I’m guessing we aren’t going to be home for Thanksgiving at this point, but we will see.
Landon has been staying with Grandma all this time, and he’s enjoying himself. We miss him a lot, and are hoping on Friday that Oliver will be doing well enough that Grandma will come sit with him and Bobby and I can take Landon out to the park and spend a few hours with him. We will just have to wait and see how Ollie is doing though.


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