Ollie ICU

Ollie’s blood pressure has now been stable for more than 24 hours. He’s on the lowest dose possible of the epi at this point; he was doing so well that they weaned him almost off it in the night. The plan is to take him off it totally today, and if he does well without it that would be another very good sign indeed. He’s on such a low dose; I’m feeling pretty good about getting rid of that drug. He’s been doing great without the Noriepi, he’s been off that now for a day or two.
The spinal fluid draw went great, and the liquid was clear, which is a good sign. Oliver remained stable during the procedure. They sent it off to the labs, I expect results around Sunday. (I also expect results to be negative, but that’s just me) I think I mentioned before that we ruled out a bunch of things, including flu, I still think its random virus, and that it’s the same thing Landon had, just that Oliver’s immune system was too immature to handle it.
They did and echocardiogram of his heart again, we should have results later today.
Today he is going to get a Blood transfusion because he is on so many meds that he’s having trouble with some things, something about bone marrow would normally compensate, but due to the amount of drugs and his age, it’s just not where they want it. So remember, if you have a chance, go donate blood!
They are lowering the vent today, down to 16 breaths per minute. He breaths over it, so he should be getting 20-30 breaths per minutes on his own, (The vent is set at 20 now.) The only Time he doesn’t breathe over it is when he’s asleep, and 20 BPM on a sleeping infant is okay. They are hoping to have him weaned off the vent by Saturday, and we might able to feed him at that point as well. I’m pumping every 3-4 hours still, and getting plenty of food for Ollie to eat later.
His chest X-rays look great! Right now one of the concerns is that he could get a secondary infection, and being on the vent increases that likelihood, so the goal is to focus on weaning the vent next, then weaning the dopamine.
Once he’s off the dopamine and the vent, and is eating, my understanding is its just dealing with the aftereffects of the pain meds and monitoring him for a few days. Oh, and the whole seizure meds/weaning too. So assuming he stays good, Thanksgiving might just be the day we go home. We’ll just have to wait and see.
Thank you so much for all your support. With every one of you rooting for him he has no choice but to recover. Please continue to send him positive thoughts or prayers. We need a speedy recovery without relapse or secondary infection at this point. Every day has been better than the last, and he keeps improving!


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