All his test results came back negative. This means they still don’t know what specifically is causing all this. “Random Virus” is sort of where we are right now, I may know more when the infectious disease doctor does his rounds. I suspect he’ll call for another spinal tap. And then there will be 4 or 5 more days of waiting for results. Not to mention that the spinal tap seems to be fairly traumatic to me.
Oliver was stable through the night, except for another random blood pressure drop for five minutes. Basically at random points, about twice a day, his blood pressure will drop dangerously low for 3 to 6 minutes, and then right itself. One of the doctors quietly speculated it might be a seizure causing it, as we aren’t monitoring for those currently. I really hope that is not the cause, as much as I’d like there to BE a cause. I think once he stops having those random moments they will be able to take down more of the meds.
His O2 issues are looking much better, so that’s good. I wouldn’t say we’ve had any major improvements, but that he is currently fairly stable. He’s more awake and they are trying to over sedate him, as sedation brings down blood pressure. He’s not totally awake, but he moves and responds and sort of wakes up. His eyes are almost swollen shut with puffiness, so he doesn’t open them. Mostly he moves his mouth, like he wants to suck.
I have no idea how long we will be here, but I’m starting to think home by Christmas is a more realistic goal. Ollie is just not bouncing back very fast, and we have to take baby steps to his wellness.
We didn’t sleep well last night, there were some alarms that went off, not all of them Ollie, thank goodness, but sleeping with those alarms leaves me feeling like Ollie had a rough night, although I’ve been assured that is not the case.
Just talked to Dr. M. We have three main doctors we are dealing with Dr. B is who kept us on Satuday (hurrah for Dr. B) Dr. A is the one who initially worked on him when we got to ICU, and Dr. M, who has crappy bedside manner but seems to get stuff done. Dr. M said he’s stable, he thinks the “virus” mostly hit Ollie’s heart, which is why we are having all the blood pressure issues. The echocardiogram of his heart looked okay though, so that is good. The other organs seem to be functioning fairly well, so that is good. Today they are starting to wean him off the epinephrine. Cross your fingers and say a prayer that this goes well. Dr. M thinks that the drops in blood pressure are artifacts of the virus, and not anything extra to worry about. I really hope he is right!

Big hugs to our dear friend Spencer today, his mother passed away last night. Please keep his family in your thoughts as well, as they need love and comfort in this time of grief.


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