ICU update

We made it through the night. He seems to be doing better. He’s unconscious, and they are keeping him that way with meds so he doesn’t fight all his tubes. The doctor this morning actually said, “I think we might be out of the woods” but it could change at any moment. Keep those good thoughts coming!

Yesterday, when the doctor said they weren’t going to release us because Ollie still have some fever, I was pretty upset. He seemed to have been doing much better, and I just wanted to go home. I have to thank a higher power that the doctor decided to keep us. I was flat out told last night that if we had taken him home he probably wouldn’t have made it.

Ollie is still full of tubes, he is on a respirator and they are keeping him totally sedated. They did have to chemically do this because he was such a little fighter. The first sign that he is waking up is that he starts to fight the respirator because he wants to breathe on his own.

They monitored him for seizures all night, since he is immobilized we have to see what the brain scans say, so we should know a little more on that in a few hours.

Please keep him in your prayers, or just send positive thoughts for Oliver. THANK YOU!


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