hospital and ICU

We took Ollie to the hospital on thursday morning because weds night Ollie was unhappy, fussy, crying, and gassy all night, and then he spiked a fever.
Fever over 100.4 in an infant under 1 month old is an auto admit to the hospital.
All his cultures were coming back normal (spinal tap, blood, urine) and his fever was staying around 100 when medicated, but doctors were thinking we could go home today (Saturday 11/14).
Last night (friday 11/13) he still had a fever, one reading came back at 102, so they decided to keep us one more day.
Last night, Ollie started setting off his blood oxygen monitor. This morning a nurse observed this fact (I had been reporting it all night, but I was told he looked fine, no worries) and noted that his lips turned a little blue when the dip occurred.
Later, another nurse was preparing to take his temp, and he took a major dip and had some twitching.
They have moved us to ICU. Ollie has some interesting head gear on that has confirmed he is having seizures.
they are running tests to determine the cause.

Please, send good thoughts to my 10 day old Oliver?

ollie 11/14/09


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