halloween and false labor

The joy of being on maternity leave is that the days sort of bleed together. The downside is that it seems like time has slowed down at this point.
The past week has been nice. I’ve been taking a nap from 1pm to 2pm almost every day, and this has been heavenly.
Friday night we had a good game, and the potato soup I made was very tasty.
Saturday was Halloween, and we went over to Landon’s cousin Chyna’s house to celebrate her birthday and trick or treat. Landon spent the night at Grandma’s, and we picked him up Sunday morning from Grandma’s house.
Today I took Landon to the zoo in the hopes of bringing on labor via walking. So far it has not worked. We also took Landon to the park, and then had family movie night. We watched Ice Age with the dinosaurs. Landon picked the movie and seemed to like it.
He did not nap today, but he totally crashed out at 7:10 when the movie ended.
I had what I can only describe as false labor last night and it sucked. I’ve been taking evening primrose oil, and the last 2 nights I also inserted some. Last night I tried to sleep, but was having contractions every 10-15 minutes. They were only mildly painful. Honestly, I might have been able to fall asleep despite them except for three factors. The first factor was that Ollie DID NOT LIKE THEM. I would know that they were coming because right before I’d have one, Ollie would start kicking, then he’d stop while I had the contraction, and once it passed he’d spend the next five minutes getting comfortable again, rolling around and kicking me. The second factor was that they made me feel like I needed to pee, so I was getting up to pee after almost every contraction. The third factor was that because they were semi-regular and I wasn’t timing them exactly, I started to think they might be REAL LABOR and got all excited.
It was only around 2AM when I gave up and tried to walk around and get exact timing on them that they finally slacked off. I was able to sleep around 3AM, but I got up with Landon and 6:30AM. I tried to take a nap after the zoo, and got about 30 more minutes, but my phone kept ringing and Landon was awake and calling for me instead of napping.
I am just so done with this pregnancy. I’m hoping to bribe the midwife tomorrow into sweeping my membranes. We’ll just have to see what she says.
Hench-o-ween, Halloween, and the zoo:

Hench o Ween 09