Busy weekend. Friday we went to Landon’s fall festival, which was interesting, but nothing amazing. They had each classroom turned into a game or activity for the event, some were neat, some were not. They had a ton of food, but none of it was worth the risk to Landon or Bobby, so we just ate before we went. Landon got some candy and had his face painted. Overall, he had a great time.
Saturday we relaxed in the morning and then took Landon over to Laura’s. We left him there with Courtney and headed out to a good friends wedding reception. The reception was beautiful. Afterwards we hit Margaritaville because we were over on that side of town. Dinner was wonderful, but I was sad that I couldn’t get a drink. It ended up being a good thing, because Bobby’s drink hit him a little harder than expected, so I drove us home.
Sunday we went to the State Fair. We got there just after they opened. Overall, it was probably not worth the money. The place was dead, which was nice. Landon really enjoyed riding the rides. I was floored that he wanted to ride the ferris wheel. He doesn’t like heights. He loved the ferris wheel though. I thought for sure I was in for a panicked child once we got off the ground, but he was all smiles. He also rode some other rides, including driving kiddie bumpercars by himself, and riding one of the kid rollercoaster things.
The food was only okay at the fair, and there just wasn’t a ton to do. And the rides and games were very pricey!
After we finished at the fair (about 3 hours spent there in total) We went out to Grandma’s house for a little while, which Landon loved. He did not want to come home after!
On Monday I picked him up at 10:30 and took him for an H1N1 vax, then returned him to school. Bobby and I have already had the vax.
Today I had a midwife appt and then had lunch with Laura. Tonight night I am planning to go protest the raising of daycare licensing fees. Weds Landon and I will hang out and have some fun. Thursday I am hoping to get my car in for service, it needs an oil change. Friday we have game.
I would really like to go into labor today. I don’t expect to go into labor for another few weeks though

Basically Ollie might be “too early” to be born this week. I don’t want him to come before he’s ready, but my god, I am so ready. And this week works better for birthdays anyway. And then he’d be more than 6 weeks come Christmas. *sigh* nothing to do but wait though. Waiting for Labor just might be the worst part of this.
36 weeks. Of course, now the doctor says I’m full term using their due dates.

My midwife was running about 90 minutes behind schedule today. Turns out the other midwife is out of town, and she had THREE babies born last night! Anyway, so after much waiting around, I had a quick U/S to confirm Ollie is indeed head down. 1 cm dilated, 25% effaced. However, my boy is at station -4, so his head is not engaged in the “pelvic region” where it needs to be.
Still, for being 36 weeks by my count, that’s not too bad. I’m hoping Ollie comes soon. I have read online that often second babies don’t become engaged until Labor starts. Everything looked great.
Had lunch at Red Robin with Laura, which was fun and tasty. I also hit Babies R Us and grabbed a few things with the gift card my work gave me.
We’re going to a meeting tonight to protest the sudden jump in licensing fee taxes for care providers (including childcare, after school programs, and adult day care centers). Should be interesting.