weekend update, midwife appt.

Overall, a very good weekend.
Friday we gamed. Saturday we had the baby shower, and Sunday Bobby put up the first wall in my library. I had today off and got some shopping done for Ollie and for Christmas. I think I overdid it, I’m wiped out.
The baby shower was truly amazing. I have such wonderful friends and family. I did not expect to get the Joovy caboose stroller, the baby jumperoo, an infant swing, and a changing table. Not to mention lots of other cool stuff, including a video of advice from the hench for Ollie. And the amazing Bear cake! We played a couple baby shower games, including a clothes pin game, where you couldn’t say the word Baby without losing a pin. There was guess the baby food by smell game, and lots of good company. I can’t believe how loved and blessed we were.
In other news, I think Ollie has dropped some. He is sitting lower than he was. He dropped on Friday. Today I had contractions on and off too. This kid is going to come early, I’m almost sure. I’m also pretty hopeful.
Baby Shower Pics:

Baby Shower

So I had a midwife appointment yesterday. According to them I’ll be “full term” (37 weeks) on Saturday (10/24). According to me it’s full term on Nov 2nd.
My blood pressure was fine, I actually hadn’t gained any weight in the past week. All my vitals were fine, Ollie is measuring on track for their due date still. His heartbeat was in the 140-150 range. I got the results back for Group B Strep, and I’m still negative, as I was for Landon. This is good news, as it means they won’t push me to put in an IV until I’m ready for it. The midwife did encourage me to get a hep lock, but I told her I wasn’t going to until I actually needed the IV. They had me sign some papers stating I understood what a midwife does, and at what point a doctor is needed. For example, if I want a C section, I need the doctor, of course.
I got all my documents filled out and turned in for my maternity leave; at least I hope I did. I got the H1N1 flu shot as well. So I’ve gotten both flu shots and so has Bobby. Landon still needs the H1N1, but I’m trying to hold out for the actual shot for him, rather than the flumist. Bobby got the flumist and ended up with a runny nose and some achiness from it. So far, other than my arm feeling a little bruised, (which is my own fault) I’ve had no side effects from mine. I always tense up and jerk a little, which causes more soreness than if I could just relax and get the shot. I managed to get it without anyone having to hold me down though. When I got in the car after the appointment, I did have an attack of the shakes, but I waited till it passed and then went and got some food in me. Post needle traumatic stress or something, I really hate needles!
So I’ve got my all my ducks in a row for Ollie’s arrival at this point. I think I have everything ready both here at home and for in the hospital. I’ve got my pump packed, I made sure it worked, and all the supplies I need to feed Ollie if BFing fails for some reason. No formula for this little dude until he’s at least 6 weeks old.
Friday night Landon’s school is having their fall festival, so we are attending that. Saturday is a wedding reception for a good friend, and Sunday we may hit the state fair. My leave starts on Monday, so no more work for me after Friday. I’m trying to leave the rest of my schedule open and flexible, so that I can give birth to this boy whenever he’s ready.
Had a weird dream the other night that I gave birth to Ollie and that he was a she. Bobby and I then proceeded to have a huge fight over what to name Ollie.