Landon letter 3.1

Dear Landon-

So you are now three years and one month old. Time flies when you are having fun!

Yesterday we took you to Golfland where you got five dollars in tokens and played some games. You loved the game where the token rolls down into the back of a dump truck. You made bank on tickets with this game, completely at random, as far as I can tell. Then you spent tickets and picked out some cute little toys. After that, you had lunch at burger king, where you enjoyed the indoor playground and snacked on French fries. You even took two whole, normal, bites of your hamburger! After that we headed over to Toys R Us.

At Toys R Us, inside these plastic boxes with big red Demo buttons on it they had some dinosaurs. One was a brontosaurs, which would stomp its feet and roar. Another was the Prehistoric Interactive D-Rex Pet by Mattel. You were pushing the button on this demo and watching the D-Rex intently. Your Dad asked you if you would like one, and then it could sleep in your room. Your eyes went wide, and you slowly shook your head at your father as you told him, “No dada, TOO SCARY.”

I talked in your last letter about going to school, and how some days you were very happy and excited, and some days you cried. You’ve been crying more, and having full on fits on the way to school. I’m frustrated by this, as I’m not sure how to get you to snap out of it. It doesn’t change the outcome, you will go to school, and I will go to work. You always get an excellent report card, so I know once I leave, that you shape up and have a good time. Overall, it’s just made for some rough mornings. It helps when you dad has time to help you get ready for school though. I think it might be just that you and I aren’t morning people, and your dad is. Time will tell.

I also mentioned the learning laptop you got in the last letter. You love this thing. Recently, you’ve gotten very successful at the games on this thing. This is in part because you can suddenly identify letters. It seemed to me like it happened overnight. I don’t know if it’s the letter games on the laptop, or time at school, or perhaps some combination of both, but you can accurately identify many letters on your first try now. I’m wondering how long until you learn to read. You like having books read to you, and can recite all of Good Night Moon and most of Go Dogs Go. You will “read” Goodnight Gorilla to me. Despite all this, I can’t help but wonder if you will be a book worm like your dad and I were growing up or not. I certainly hope you will be.

Your dad met up with Emily and Gyan one morning this last month and went hiking over at Usery park. I wasn’t there, but apparently you got turned around and rained upon, and overall had a good time.

Your dad and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary this month. You spent the night at Emily’s house so that Mom and Dad could have a date night to go celebrate. You had a blast. The cutest thing to me was the pictures that Jamie and Gyan took of you and Em playing. Especially the one after you fell asleep. Emily got off her bed and laid down on the floor next to you. You kids are so cute together. I hope you have a lifelong friendship.

I’ve said before that I’m trying to get you to understand that milk makes you sick. You’ve recently begun using it as an excuse to not eat things we want you to eat, by telling us it will make you sick. You say, “Has milk in it, will make me sick!”

This past weekend you spent Saturday night out at Grandma’s house and had a sleep over there. You love going to Grandma’s. You think the pig she got for Christmas bacon is very cute, and you wanted to pet him. You ate a ton of Grandpa’s breakfast, and while you were thrilled to see your dad and me when we picked you up, you weren’t ready to go home. You miss living right by Grandma’s house, and you love your Grandma and Grandpa very much.

You have been pushing your boundaries a little bit this past month. I know part of it is that you understand on some level that your baby brother will be here soon, and some of it is that you are three years old. However, most of the time you are a happy go lucky kid, with a good attitude and a love of fun and cars. You still love playing with cars, getting in the pool, going to the park, and hanging out with Emily. We do have to put you in time out sometimes, but most of the time, you are just the cutest little boy ever.

We love you!


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