30 weeks and counting

Flu shots are done. Now to just wait for the H1N1 flu shot to come out.

Tuesday Bobby and I watched Babylon AD with Vin Diesel. The movie was weird. It needed more shirtless Vin for it to have been good. I felt like the ending made little sense.

Weds we watched Episode 1 of Season 1 of Leverage. I liked it. We will watch more.

Thursday was a bad day. Landon DID NOT want to go to school, and therefore screamed all the way to school. I wasn’t sure how to handle this. Normally, if he misbehaves in the car, I tell him I will put him in a corner when we arrive wherever we are going, and that stops that. When I drop him off at school, I don’t have time to stand him in a corner, and he pretty much is going to cry no matter what, so the threat is empty. Threatening him with a punishment any later in the day isn’t going to do me any good, as he doesn’t seem to really understand a punishment 9 hours after the fact. And offering rewards or bribes hasn’t really gotten me anywhere.

Thursday dinner was good. I was sort of “over-Landoned” still from the morning adventures with the screaming. Also, Bobby got stuck at work, so I ended up running back across town to get Landon, and as soon as we started to Laura’s, he started fussing because he wanted to watch “Elephant” (Horton hears a who) instead of what was in the DVD player (Bolt). I can’t change DVDs while driving, and we were already on the freeway, so I wasn’t going to pull over to change DVDs. (And come on, growing up we didn’t get to WATCH TV in the car!)

Anyway, once we got to dinner it got better, and Bobby showed up and helped. He also brought me cake, because he is the best husband ever. Bobby took Landon and went home early, and I hung out and chatted for about an hour after that. It was a good night, overall.

Friday, Laura’s stepson watched the kids so we could go out to dinner, which was a nice treat. We had interesting topics of discussion ranging from dead bodies to doctor’s offices. After that went back to the house and gamed for a bit.

Saturday we took Landon to Golfland and let him play video games in the castle. He had a blast and has been begging to go back to the Castle ever since. He won a bunch of tickets and got some little prizes. After that we took him to burger king so he could play on the playground while we ate. He actually took 2 bites of his hamburger! And to top off his morning of fun we took him over to Toys R Us and let him pick out a toy. He got the Disney Cars Combine Harvester playset for less than $20.

After nap we went out to Grandma’s house. She offered to keep Landon overnight, so Bobby and I had our second Landon free meal in a weekend. We hit TGI Fridays for tasty food and then went home to play Beatles rockband and watch Supernatural.

Sunday we went back to Grandma’s and got Landon, but we spent the rest of the day mostly chilling around the house. Sunday night we watched True Blood with Mel.

Thirty weeks pregnant today! 8-12 weeks left! Woot! I can’t wait to welcome Ollie to the outside world!


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