please let the cabin be okay.

So outside of waking up this morning to worry about if the cabin may burn down it was a really nice, quiet weekend.

Friday night we went over to Crystal’s birthday party, which was fun. There was so much tasty food too. We left early and got a very wound up Landon home and in bed. My boy is anything but shy, that’s for sure. He was playing with everyone, adults, kids, he didn’t care. He wrestled with complete strangers and generally had a blast. I was stressed that he was bothering people. I’m not someone who likes other people’s children hanging on me or climbing on me, especially kids I don’t know. (I’m good with all the Hench kids, but lets face it, all the Hench children belong to the Hench, so it’s all good.) I’m not a fan when a strange child tries to talk to me. It’s my own failing, I just don’t know what to say, and I feel inept, especially when the child does not have clear speech. (Landon isn’t clear to everyone, I know) So he had fun, but I was a little stressy, plus all the cheese chips and cheese dip and cheetos running around never help my stress level.

After the party, once Landon was in bed, we caught up on True Blood with Mel. Of course, since the new episodes air on Sunday, I’m behind again, but I really do like that show.

Saturday we relaxed. I read. Bobby played Champions Online. Landon ran around and played with his trucks when not playing with us. We hit Game Depot and had lunch at Spinato’s. We went for a swim in the pool, and Saturday night we watched some Eureka.

Sunday we also tried to stay low key, and outside of a trip to the grocery store, we hung out at home. I finished two books this weekend Lora Leigh’s “Bengal’s Heart” which was good and “Hunting Ground book 2 Alpha and Omega,” by Patricia Briggs. Hunting Grounds was AMAZING. I love this series. I highly recommend it.

Sunday night we had Laura and Dirk over for some amazing Steaks, and we spent some time playing Wii Resort.

It was nice to have some down time. Next weekend is a bit over planned, but should be fun. I’m trying to decide where Bobby and I should go. Monday is our 9th wedding Anniversary, and we have a date night set up for Sunday night. I wanted to plan something special, but all my special plans fell through. I’m not sure what we are going to do for our date. Any ideas?

I’m trying to locate an early place to get the standard flu shot, for everyone in the family. I’m still not sure on the swine flu shot. I think I’ll get it if I can, so that it can provide some extra protection for Oliver once he’s born. It’s the first vaccine I’m a little nervous on, because of the rush job getting it out. I always get annoyed that I can’t find a flu shot till the start of October, I’d like to get it in late September. Safeway is offering them now, but only with a prescription. Costco’s first local offering is Oct 2nd and my work should have them about that time too. I called ant put Landon “on the list” to get his. Between him being in school and exposing him to Oliver, I want to get us all covered before Oliver joins us. I’d really like to avoid the flu this year, what with the infant in the house.

The nursery is coming along. I just want it to be picture perfect for a few weeks BEFORE the baby shows up. I didn’t get to do that with Landon, since we were in the process of moving, and I never felt like his room was “complete,” until we moved him into the playroom. This is my last baby; I’d like his room to be complete. Basically at this point, I need a hook added to one wall, I’d like to add 2 or three shelves to the wall, and I need a changing table or dresser where we can change diapers.


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