Landon letter 3 years

Dear Landon-

You are now just over three years old. At your three year well check visit you were 38 inches tall and you weighed 35 lbs. The doctor said you were right on track developmentally as well.

Since it’s been about four months since I’ve written a Landon letter, lets start with the big news. You are Potty Trained! It took a lot of work to get you there, but in the end, you did it! And before you turned three! We are very impressed with you. Peeing in the potty was never an issue, but Poop, oh my, the poop. You pooped everywhere, in your pants, on things, on the floor, anywhere but in the potty for almost a month. And then one day, “I put my yuckies in the potty!” And we’ve been doing good since then.

This is also good as you have started Preschool. Your first day was August third. Laura, who you still love very much, went back to school this semester, to complete her degree in Early Childhood Education, so that she can teach elementary school. This meant that you needed to go to a new place while Mom and Dad worked. You now go to preschool with your good friend Emily, and you seem to have a good time.

You started out in the two year old room as a Monkey, but after only one week of school, they decided you were advanced enough, and potty trained enough, to move you to the three year old room. You are now a Jaguar! We’ve had some back and forth with you and school. Some days, you get up excited to go, and can’t wait! Other days you cry and don’t want me to leave you. On the bright side, when Emily’s parents drop off Emily, they tell me you are happy and enjoying yourself. You always get a good report at the end of the day! Overall, I think it’s a really good thing for you.

We took one cabin trip to Payson in April where you were not feeling your best, and you spent most of the trip fussing. I was afraid you didn’t have fun, but as soon as we got home, you were asking to go back. We took another trip at the start of August, and you had a blast. You hiked on foot down to the waterfall with all the kids, forgoing the backpack we usually use to carry you down. You played in the water and were very happy for pretty much the whole trip. You are begging to go back already! I hope that your childhood will be filled with happy memories of your times in Payson.

We’ve been doing a lot of swimming this summer. You still can’t swim on your own, and at this point I’m thinking we will have to do more swim lessons next spring. You are very comfortable in the water, and will “monkey” around the sides of the pool by hanging on with your hands and feet. You also have an inner tube that you call part of your “swim suit” which you will wear, and you are more than happy to go anywhere in the pool with the inner tube on.

You have decided you don’t really like bath time. I’m not sure where this came from. You will ask to go “straight to bed” rather than be forced to take a bath. You will take a shower without too much fit throwing, but only if it’s AFTER we went swimming.

Speaking of bedtime, your favorite books right now include: The Goldbug book, The Monster at the End of this Book, Goodnight Gorilla, and anything involving trucks. You also really like Harold and the Purple Crayon. Your favorite TV shows right now include, “Max and Ruby,” “Wow Wow Wubbzy,” and “Harold and the purple crayon.” You like to watch episodes of “Mighty Machines” off of netfix, and your favorite movies are currently “Bolt,” and “Oliver and Company.”

We did have on interesting health issue with you this time around. Your Lymph Nodes became swollen, and it looked like you had two tennis balls or golf balls under your neck. It was a bit of a scare for us, but after some antibiotics, the swelling went away, and you’ve been fine since.

You still seem to have a pretty bad milk allergy, which made me nervous about sending you to preschool. Thankfully the preschool we take you to does not provide food, so I pack your lunch and snack. Everything gets labeled with your name, and a note that say you are allergic to Milk, Cheese, and Butter, and to not let you share foods. We are still hoping you out grow this allergy. I’ve been starting to explain to you about it, and about how milk will make you sick, but I don’t think you understand yet. When it comes to food, you are a picky eater, just like me, unfortunately. You prefer to eat either: Noodles, PB&J, Chicken Nuggets, cereal, or hot dogs. Sometimes you will eat other things, but not very often. You still call fruit snacks “bribes” and enjoy those. Your favorite drink is still soy, but you love Capri sun and juice boxes as well.

Your third birthday party was a blast. The only downside was that pretty much everyone who went to the party came home with a cold! What a parting party gift. Your birthday party was themed with Fire trucks. You dad made you an amazing fire truck cake, and there were firemen hats and decorations all around. A lot of people came and had fun at your party. For your birthday, your father and I gave you a learning laptop, designed for your age group. You seem to really dig this toy, and play with it all the time. You like to tell me that you just have to “check your computer” before we go somewhere. It’s adorable!

You’ve recently discovered a few things. One is that you get a reaction from people if you say, “I scared.” You like to tell me that you are “scared” of the air vent, or the ball, or whatever, mostly to get attention as far as I can tell. You don’t actually act scared of these things. There are only 2 things you are scared of, one is the dark. We went to the store and picked out a desk lamp for your night light. I put a 25 watt bulb in it and you have to have it on to sleep. We were using the hall light, but it shines in your room and ours. We would turn it off when we went to bed, as you were asleep, but if you woke up in the night, the dark would make you cry!

When you tell me you are scared, I try to dig deeper, but most of the time you can’t give me a reason. I tell you that you are a big boy and do not need to be scared. I tell you that you are brave. You like to tell me you are “too scared” to go to school sometimes. I’m not sure where you picked this up at. However, the other thing you are scared of is the vacuum cleaner. There is a broken one that has been sitting in the nursery. I was setting up the crib and moving things around in there, so I took it out of the nursery and left it in the hall. You came around the corner and saw it in front of your room and FREAKED out. You came to me crying, and begged me to put the vacuum cleaner “back in baby brothers room please?”

The past few days, you have started to say “please” and then put your hands up by your face and bat your eyes in an angelic pose. It cracks me up every time, but you tend to get your way when you ask like that!

You are pretty excited to become a big brother. We’ve been talking to you about Baby Brother for a while now. You understand that he has his own room. We told you his name is Oliver, and asked you to say Oliver. You respond with “All Over.” Thinking that perhaps the nickname “Ollie” might be easier for you, we tried that. You insist that your little brother should be called “WallE” not “Ollie.” To help you better pronounce the name, we bought you the Disney movie “Oliver and Company,” which you totally love. But you insist, it’s “All Over” and company.

And a couple of quick anecdotes from my blog over the last few months:

One night in April to tuck Landon into bed. Bobby had just finished the bath and books, even Good Night Moon (which we read every night). Bobby said everything was fine until he finished Good Night Moon. I went in to kiss Landon, and Landon said “I want the Bunny to go to Sleep!”
I was confused, we don’t have a bunny. I offered to re-read him Good Night Moon. He seemed happy about this idea. It wasn’t until the end of the book, when I realized what was wrong. See I’m the official Goodnight Moon reader. And Landon and I have an almost ritual about the way we read the book. I read some of it, but he reads some of it too. And at the very end of the book, on the last page, after I’ve said “Goodnight noises everywhere,” Landon will point at the Bunny in the book, who is all tucked into his bed, and Landon asks, “What’s that?”
And I reply, “It’s a little baby bunny who is going to sleep, just like Landon.”
And of course, Bobby didn’t know the script, and THAT’S why Landon was upset.

One night in June I went to tuck Landon into bed, and when I picked his pillow off the floor to put it on his bed, a spider ran across it. I tossed the pillow and let out a little scream. Then, remembering Landon was standing right there, acted perfectly calm, and had Bobby return to the room to take care of the spider while Landon and I read a book in the living room. Landon kept patting me on the shoulder and telling me, “It’s okay mama, dada has the pider now. Its okay.” It was too cute! And this coming from the kid who was so afraid of the grasshopper sitting by the pool that he wanted to stay in the deep end until Dada moved it away.

You are such a big boy, and you’re going to be an amazing older brother!

We love you so much.


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