Not the best weekend.

Friday night we got a babysitter (Thank You Courtney!) for a couple of hours and swung by Liz’s “I’ve got my master’s let’s watch Babylon 5 all weekend” party. It was a lot of fun, and we watched 2 episodes, had pizza and hung out for a bit. I really do need to watch all five seasons of this show at some point. Perhaps once my maternity leave starts.

Friday night we discovered Nigeria taking a turn for the worse, and Saturday morning had him put down, which was not fun. This left us in a sad place most of Saturday. We did make a trip out to see Grandma.

Sunday we got the crib set up, and made a Costco run. We also got in the pool both days this weekend.

Not a good weekend, but at least one without a lot of things planned. I got some sleep and, while I still have this freaking cold, it seems to be steadily improving each day.
This cold and being pregnant SUCK. Hardcore. It keeps lingering even after everyone else is well.

So depending on which Trimester Calculator you use, I’m entering the Third Trimester at some point in the next 7 days. (some say today, some say a couple of days ago, some say next Monday)

I’m really looking forward to having Oliver on the outside, once we reach full term. I keep wondering if he will be early or late. I’m also having “birth stress” in sense that I’m still unsure as to if/when to get the epidural. I have nothing against them, and with my lower pain tolerance, I expect I’ll want one, even though at the moment I don’t think I want one. My objection to them has more to do with the whole GIANT NEEDLE thing, and less to do with any desire to “woman-up” or to be all natural. I talked to my doctor about it, and he said that based on what he sees, I’ll probably end up with one. He fully supports me going natural (as do the midwives) but he said that in about 90% of his cases, when giving birth to the second child, having had an epidural with the first child, a woman will ask for the epidural again once in labor. I had and loved my epidural with Landon.

Going all natural does have a certain appeal, but given that the option for the epidural is right there, I’m not sure how long I’ll hold out. If the pain is anything like it was with Landon (at least once I had the Pitocin) then I’m getting the epidural. At the same time, I kinda do want to try and “hold out” or “wait and see” if I can go natural.

I suppose we shall see!

I should be starting my mat leave on Nov 1st. I’m trying to decide how many days a week Landon should go to preschool. Right now he goes 4 days, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. I plan to keep him in at least two days a week (Tues/Thurs) while on leave. I’m trying to decide if I should keep him in three. I do want him around while I’m on leave. I also want to get some time to spend with Oliver. And I think I may need nap time. Also, sending Landon to preschool costs money, and I won’t be bringing in any money for 12 weeks of my Mat Leave. ( I get like 6-8 weeks paid, then 12 weeks unpaid) Landon did cry at drop off today. I was told that’s sometimes a Monday thing with some kids.

Laura and Julia are throwing me a baby shower on Oct 17. They are doing the invites via email, so if you want to come, make sure I have your email address!!!

Oliver’s registry


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