So how did Landon’s third birthday go?

Well, Thursday night dinner was a blast. Landon enjoyed the carrot cake Laura made for him and Gyan to share.
Friday we took Landon to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. Emily and her family, including Landon’s birthday buddy Gyan joined us. Landon and Emily had a blast riding the train. To me, the cutest part was when we would go through the tunnel. Landon loves this part, and he laughs and smiles and hollers as we drive through the tunnel. Emily, on the other hand, would freak out and cover her face. We’ve got some pictures of their totally opposite reactions over at picasa, see link below.

Of course, Landon isn’t always the brave one, Emily is much more daring on the playground equipment. She had a blast running across bridges and sliding down slides, while Landon has to be coaxed down a slide.

Overall, both kids, and I think all the adults had a blast. After the park, we had a birthday lunch out, and Landon and Emily sat next to one another and colored and played. Landon came home and took a good nap, and I let him open his presents when he woke up. Bobby and I had been debating what to get him. Bobby thought he would enjoy a Twist ‘n Ride, but I’d been wanting to get Landon a laptop type toy for a while now. He sees Mom and Dad at the computers all the time, and sometimes checks his imaginary computer before we leave the house. (Since Bobby and I both work from home on occasion, and when we do, we often tell Landon things like, “we’ll go get lunch after I check my computer,” or “we’ll go to the store after I check my computer”)

Anyway, Bobby’s mom beat us to the punch and got Landon a Twist ‘n Ride, so I hit the store and looked at the toy laptops. I settled on the Fisher Price Fun-2-Learn Color Flash Laptop because, unlike it’s slightly cheaper counterparts, it actually shuts down when you close the lid, and it had an okay volume control with 2 settings. We also got Landon a few cheap toy construction vehicles and some extra Diego track. Landon really seems to like the laptop. This morning it was time to go to school, and he told me he could only go, “after he checked his computer” so I let him play on it for a few minutes while I finished getting ready. He then went to school with very little issues today!

Friday night we went to Laura’s for Bobby’s game. We had a lot of fun, and Laura threw together a cake for Landon to be sung happy birthday on. (I’m a firm believer that on your actual birthday at some point, there must be fire, dessert, and singing, no matter how old you are.)

For Landon’s party, instead of goodie bags, I bought some nifty firefighter party hats, and I got some temporary tattoos of a fire truck and we had a mini tattoo parlor set up after gifts were unwrapped so the kids could get a tattoo, and many of the parents did as well. We were all part of the Fire truck Gang.
Overall, the party was a hit, and went pretty smoothly. I thought we had a few too many kids in the pool, but overall everyone had fun and no one drowned. We supplied chips, fruit, veggies, salsa, guacamole, humus, soda, and of course, cake. Everything was gluten and dairy free. I figured with the time of the party 3-5:30, I could skip providing dinner. I think it worked out well, although we ended up just snacking our way through dinner. Bobby made an AWESOME fire truck cake, be sure to check out the pics!

We served the cupcakes at just after 4pm, and opened presents after that. Then people started leaving, as Landon broke out his presents. He loved pretty much everything he got, I’ve yet to see him snub any present. He does like his twist ‘n ride a lot, but Bobby and I think he’s getting more fun out of the laptop.

Thank you to everyone who came and had fun at the party. I know Landon had a blast.

We had some people hang out until about 8pm, and then Mel hung out and watched True Blood with us.

Sunday was mostly a day of rest, except for getting the Sears photos done. I’d set us up with an 11AM appointment, planning to be the first ones in, so we would not have to wait. Alas, my plans were foiled by a busted camera in Room A, so they were basically double booked for Room B all day. This meant we waited about a half hour to get in to get the pictures done. Landon did very well and followed directions expertly. I think the pics turned out very cute, and they gave us a free portrait for our wait.

All the pictures from the weekend are posted here:

Landon's birthday, party, and a few others

I hope you check it out! There are some great ones!

Landon and I both seem to have a head cold, general sneezing, coughing, sore throat going on. I’ve got a bit of a headache too, but no fever. I slept for crap last night, but hey, that’s life.

I had an eye appointment today, and my eyes are slightly worse than last time, as always. They did say it could be the pregnancy, but I doubt it. I’m supposed to go back 6 months after I have the baby to see about checking my prescription. I swear they screw me every time I go in to get my eyes checked. They always charge me some stupid fee for a contact “fitting.” I don’t need them fitted, I’ve been wearing the same brand for years. Just order me what the last guy did!

Nigeria is doing much better overall, still slightly yellow tinged and scrawny, but acting more like himself. Columbia is much the same, but the doctors told us it would be at least 10 days, possibly a month before we saw improvement. She’s doing well overall though.

Bobby’s 95% sure we’re going with Oliver for the name. It’s starting to grow on me. Landon says “All Over” instead of Oliver.

I did take the GD test, Tiff sat with me, and it wasn’t too bad, thank goodness. Results should be in by the end of this week, and hopefully everything will be fine.

Less than 100 days to go!
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