took 2 pets to the vet yesterday

Nigeria turned orange. I’m not kidding. Doc says that’s liver failure, which could be caused by the not eating and getting very dehydrated. Got Nigeria some IV fluids and a shot to help settle his stomach. Ran tests. Should know more this afternoon. Was advised to try and feed cat if possible. Have forced a tiny bit of wet food mixed with KMR down Nigeria. Prognosis? Not great. If all tests yield no results, we are going to get some antibiotics and try that.

Columbia got listened too and prodded. Had a blood draw to run tests. Doctor says our best bet is Valley fever, as it’s treatable. So now we are actually hoping for valley fever. Some test results today, more to follow Monday. Columbia came home, and ate her breakfast, then had her dinner an hour later. Ingestion of food and water a good sign.
If all tests yield no results, will test for Heartworms and follow that up with a possible Xray. Prognosis? Okay. Depends on what it actually is. Was told to keep dog calm and avoid exercise. Colo is sleeping inside the house and only being let out for short bursts to potty. Latvia misses her sister, but Latvia plays rough.

Total costs? About $500, with no real treatment plan outlined.

Called Landon’s doctor and left a message that his lymph nodes are still slightly swollen, and what should we do? Waiting on a call back for that too.

Getting ready to head to my/bear’s appt with midwife. Hoping this is uneventful.