29 again?

I think Landon’s lymph nodes are back to normal. If they aren’t normal, they are pretty close. This is very good news. Today is also Landon’s first day at preschool. I think I was more nervous than he was. He was pretty excited. When I went in to get him up this morning, the first thing he said was “go to school?” I do feel a little guilty in that I labeled him. As in I put a “special sticker” on his shirt that said “I am allergic to milk”
I figured the other kids can’t read, and it’s for his own safety. Still, I felt like I was setting him up to be picked on!

The weekend was amazing! It’s a birthday weekend I will remember! Friday I left work at 1:30 and headed for home, where we packed up and got on the road. Mel, Julia, (little) Jamie and Marana rode in our van with us, and (adult) Jamie, Gyan, and Emily followed us in their car. We hit the store in Payson and got to the cabin around 5:30pm. Laura and Dirk showed up about an hour after us. Mel and Julia made pasta for dinner, which was very good! We spent some time out on the patio enjoying the stars and talking.

Saturday we got up, had breakfast, and headed up to the waterfall. It was so beautiful. The water was amazing, and we had a great time. We did rack up the wounds this time though. First off, Damia got stung by a wasp, then Darion cracked his head on the rocks. After that Mel slipped on the rocks, but seemed mostly uninjured, and Dirk took a hard fall that left him with a nasty gash on his leg.

Landon loved the water and the hike this time. When we pulled up to the spot we start the hike at, he asked to ride on dada’s back. We told him he was a big boy and could walk this time. He did end up walking a lot of it too, although Bobby carried him for some of it. He also loved “fishing” for the fish in the pond, and throwing rocks into the water. He was so happy and talkative. Also, he and Emily were so cute together! Check out the pictures for an adorable few of them holding hands.

We got back to the cabin in time for lunch, and Gyan (with the help of his wife) made us hot dogs and buffalo burgers! I love buffalo meat! It was very tasty!

Bobby gave me an early present of Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age and some dice, so while some of us (both children and adults) napped, Laura, Bobby, Mel, and I played this game. It was a lot of fun.

Once nap time was over we took the kids down the street to see the bridge and listen to the bats. Bobby made us some Chicken Curry that was very good, and even the kids ate it for dinner.

We spent some time hanging out on the back patio, talking and relaxing. It was very refreshing, and so nice to get out of the heat. Bobby threw together a pretty good cake. After the kids went down we played some Formula D before crashing out.

I woke up Sunday to discover that I’m not that fond of being 30. We had breakfast, packed up, and headed home. We got home to discover that Mickey (MIL) had left me a gift card, some flowers, and an edible arrangement. I also got a shadow frame, a copy of the newest Fast and the Furious movie, and some additional gift cards, as well as a handmade (really pretty) glass etched coaster, and some cool True Blood stuff.

And of course, I got the cooperation and money to go get Landon’s three year pictures done.

The only thing about the weekend I would change was the lack of sleep that Bobby and I got. Landon was unwilling to sleep on his mat on the floor this time, so for the first time, we all three shared a bed. This was not fun. Also, Landon woke up before 6AM both mornings, even though Bobby and I stayed up late both nights.

Landon has had no potty accidents for 12 days.

Cabin pictures can be viewed here:

Cabin Trip 8/1/09

There are some really good ones!


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