Bear names?

Thursday Hench night was fun and relaxing, except that almost all the food was not Landon safe. It makes for a stressful meal when everyone is eating potentially poisonous food for your child.
Landon did end up apparently getting his fingers in some none safe cake, and then licking his hand, before Bobby got to him, but he seemed to suffer no ill effects, so the cake must be light on dairy.

Friday Rick had us create characters for a new game he was running. (Rick, as in Bobby’s friend from elementary school, who was his best man at our wedding and who currently games with us every other Friday.) The game was pretty neat, as we created average people (I’m a firefighter) who are going about their everyday lives when aliens suddenly invade. I enjoyed the game.

Landon and Em were playing in the backyard while we gamed (over at Em’s house) and they got into the humming bird feeder and got covered in brown sugar water. Landon also wet himself in the yard. He was having too much fun playing and didn’t want to come inside.

Saturday we went met up with some friends and had lunch at PF Changs. They have lunch bowls that run between 7.50 and $9 that are most excellent. Then we went and saw Wicked at Gammage. Some of us sat on the floor in Row 13, and the show was AWESOME. I loved it. The musical was way better than the book, and highly enjoyable. Landon stayed home with Courtney, our best babysitter.

It was a matinee showing, so we came home and had dinner, and then we put Landon to bed and went for a swim. We also watched Eureka, which was enjoyable. Overall, Saturday was an AWESOME day.

Sunday we had lunch with Uncle Jack, and then we went out to Aunt Heather’s to see the family.

We also hit home depot and picked up some paint for Bear’s room. We are doing a Disney Car’s theme. Here is the inspiration: Disney Home – Cars So for now we picked up the “Three Cheers for Pooh Red” and some more Cars stickers like we had in Landon’s old room. Landon’s new room is going to get updated to something Spacey I think, or maybe something construction vehicles or something. I plan to take him shopping to see how he wants to decorate.

We also picked out a new fan which Bobby installed, as the fan in the nursery was falling down. Grandma (MIL) bought a couple of new infant outfits for Bear as well, so we have some clothes. Almost all the nursery is still at the old house though. Hopefully we can rectify that soon. I have the urge to sort through it and get it ready to go.

Also, my husband rocks. He’s just been so supportive of everything the last few weeks. I’m so lucky to have him!! I love him so much!

So we’ve been talking names. I think I’m more obsessed with the name thing than Bobby, and that my persistence is bothering him. I went through the 10,000 baby name book, and emailed him a list of about 30 or so names I liked. Of which he liked none. After much talking, at this point, we still have no name, but we do have three names that are in the “running” at this time:
1. Oliver Robert
2. Wesley Robert
3. Orion Robert
I like Wesley best, he likes Orion best, but we both sort of like Oliver, so it’s the lead in the sense that it’s the most agreeable to both of us. Bobby is sick of my “but I knew a guy named XXXX and he was (insert unpleasant trait here)” stories. Bobby hasn’t vetoed Wesley and I have vetoed Orion yet, we are waiting to see if either name grows on us.
Either way, we still are open to name thoughts, and are hoping the right name just sort of strikes us. It didn’t happen that way with Landon though, so I don’t expect it to happen with Bear.
I have to laugh because our measuring stick for a name is, Do I like it better than Bear? I can’t tell you how many suggestions one of us has made to have the other say, “I’d rather just call him Bear!”

Cute story time:
Landon was fussy yesterday due to lack of nap, so he was sitting in my lap watching TV, leaning against me. Bear was kicking Landon’s back like crazy the whole time! Not that Landon cared.

Also, we tried on Saturday to put a shirt over Landon’s head that would not fit (this is happening more and more, his size 2T clothes fit fine, except the collar won’t fit nicely over his head) So I told him I was sorry, it was too small, so we would give the shirt to his Baby Brother. Landon has been talking about it nonstop since!

And don’t forget:

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