4th of july

Okay, so the weekend was long, and it was mostly good.
Thursday we had a wonderful dinner with the Hench at Laura’s, where we all wished Mel a happy birthday. Since we had Friday off, we stayed a little later than usual, and it was good. Good friends, good fun, good food, and good conversations.

Friday we got up and got ready for the party, in the sense that we had to go buy food and the like. After Landon’s nap we ran him out to Grandma’s for the night. Bobby and I then joined some friends for Dinner over at Monti’s. The food was good, but the service was spotty, and orders were wrong. Still, good company was had. After dinner we went back to Laura’s to game. Bobby ran a very fun game, I know I enjoyed it a lot and am looking forward to the next one!

Saturday we slept in, by virtue of the early riser in the family being at Grandmas. Once we got up we got to cleaning. We cleaned and cooked and organized most of the day away, taking a lunch break after Landon was dropped off at home by Grandpa.

The party itself was a blast. We had about 25 people over, although 8 of them were kids. We had a lot of people in the pool and spa, and we played both rock band and guitar hero world tour. We had a ton of food, although I think in the future I shall ban cheese chips from the house, there were some control issues with the food. I was trying to keep the cheese chips out of Landon’s reach and out of his room, but some made it to his room. He didn’t get any, so that’s a plus at least.

We did let the kids play with fire, and we did set some grass on fire in our backyard, but the sprinklers took care of it. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Sunday we had our morning run to the hospital (see previous post) and then spent most of the day being lazy. We did go to a birthday party in the evening, but I spent most of that sitting on the couch with my feet up, and I let Bobby chase Landon.

I need to take a second here and give a huge shout out to Bobby for being so supportive, helpful, and wonderful this weekend, especially Sunday. He was awesome taking care of both me and Landon. I couldn’t do it without him.

Also, I want to thank ALL of you so much for all your comments on the last post. I also posted it to a couple of my online communities, and got some good feedback from mom’s who’d had the same thing happen to them, and now have healthy babies.

I am trying to pick up Landon less, he’s 35lbs or so of weight. He’s not taking the change very well though. I feel bad for him.

I’m pretty shaken by the whole thing. I can still feel Bear moving about, but I was feeling free comfortable and confident that everything was going well and that we’d have a new baby soon. It was very scary to have to think about that not being the case. I’m nervous now, and just praying everything goes okay.

I know I overdid it on Saturday. I cleaned all morning, and then played hard with the kids and the pool and the rock band. I picked up other peoples heavy children, I stayed up way too late. I’m hoping some rest will take care of it, and that it’s a one time deal that doesn’t mean anything, and that Bear is fine.


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