R I P famous people

curtanaI maintain that there is some big event going on this weekend in the afterlife, and they needed performers, presenters, and promoters for it.
Rest in Peace:
Ed McMahon
Farrah Fawcett
Michael Jackson
Billy Mays


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laura
    Jun 28, 2009 @ 16:00:36

    Let’s hope the afterlife doesn’t need any bloggers to capture the event, otherwise I’m PWNED.


  2. chigatana
    Jun 29, 2009 @ 00:01:46

    ZORZ! I didn’t know about Billy Mays… I guess that shows going to be canceled…


  3. Christa
    Jul 06, 2009 @ 19:29:43

    I didn’t know about Billy Mays either. With David Carradine and Steve McNair that’s two sets of three!

    I was at the Depot when news of Michael Jackson came in. Patty and I had just been talking about Ed and Farrah 20min before that. I wondered if there was any footage of the two of them together on Carson.


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