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So far, not luck on the job hunt. This whole economy thing sucks.
Friday we had a good werewolf game at Jamie and Gyan’s. I’ve been enjoying the gaming we are doing recently and I’m really looking forward to Bobby’s game this Friday. He’s running a game in Savage Worlds that’s Space Opera/reporters in space. It should be awesome.
We had people over for the first time on Saturday. We kept it small, we weren’t ready to have a huge group out yet. The pool is awesome though. I’ve been working out by doing laps in the pool, which is heavenly for a preggo’s workout.
I made a cake for my family yesterday. It turned out pretty good. Making a cake that is GF and DF is a challenge, but Betty Crocker made some mixes that are pretty good. Well, at least the yellow cake one was. And it was easy to do! What a change!
Today is the day. At least, that’s what I decided. The day that Landon will wear underwear all day, except during nap and nights, from here on out. He’s been doing really well with the potty training, staying dry all day even in diapers, as long as I am diligent about taking him potty. So of course, after having been on the potty not 15 minutes before, he pees his underwear. First accident we’ve had like that in a while. I cleaned him up and stuck more underwear on him. We’ll see how it goes.
17 Weeks Pregnant today! I feel huge. I know I’m not, but I feel huge and ugly and like I’ve aged 10 years in the last 10 weeks. Between moving, pregnancy, and the layoff, I think it’s just been too much for me. I’ve gained around 5lbs so far this pregnancy.


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  1. Laura
    Jun 18, 2009 @ 14:31:26

    Can’t wait to see you and get all caught up!


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