Do not use Assurant Dental Plan insurance

Here is the letter I am sending to my HR company. I advise you that if you have a choice of dental plans, you forgo this one. You’d be be better off with no plan:
I would like to file a formal complaint against Assurant Dental plan.
When I attended the health benefits road show in the cafe, I discussed this plan with the representative. I was told based on the provided information that my son’s current Dentist A to Z pediatric dentistry was covered. I was also told that my dentist Dr. Chad Blackwell was covered under the plan. I was told that my son’s pediatric dentist would be treated with normal co-pay.
Upon starting with the plan, I received a letter assigning me to a dental office that was about 30 miles from my home, and also about 20 miles from my work. I called to move myself and my son to our respective dentists. I was told that my son’s dentist was specialist, and therefore he did not need to be assigned to the office, but that he could go there as needed, and that it would be covered. I was told my dentist, Dr. Blackwell, was not taking new patients. I called my dentist, and they told me that they had not accepted Assurant Dental Plan for over 5 years, and have asked repeatedly to be removed from the list of providers for that plan.
So I could not see my dentist, I selected a new one, but I have not yet been. However, my son went to the dentist on April 15. The Dental office A to Z Pediatric Dentistry, called Assurant at that time to verify coverage. They were told that it was a PPO plan. They then billed the insurance company 143 dollars for a checkup. I expected to have that come back and for me to owe a $25 co pay.
Instead, the claim was denied completely, and I am now responsible for the $143. I called the insurance plan to complain, and was told that since my son went to a specialist, it wasn’t covered. I explained that my son was two years old and could not see a regular dentist as he will not yet sit in the chair, and that due to a tooth coming in wrong, he needs to be checked every six months by a pediatric dentist. I also explained about how I had verified on two prior occasions with representatives from the company that this would be something that they would pay for. I was asked for the names of people I talked to 3 and 5 months ago, which I did not have. I was basically at this point told tough.
This insurance company is not family friendly, and has lied to me on 3 occasions, and has lied to my son’s dentist on one occasion. This is not the type of company that we should be working with, and our Employees deserve better care and coverage than Assurant can provide.
I would like to change insurance companies based on the fact that I have been lied to by this company. I understand that it is not a valid life change event, so right now, I can only wait until next year. I hope that you will take this feedback and NOT renew our contract with Assurant. They do not deserve our business.


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  1. L
    May 01, 2009 @ 05:17:05

    I agree with you about Assurant. They are very messy. Each time you talk with a rep you get a different response. I suggest you appeal the denial. Have you tried that? Go for it!


  2. Elaine Pappagiorgio
    Jul 20, 2011 @ 14:50:02

    I haven’t gone to the dentist in a couple years (bad, I know!) so I haven’t tried Assurant since my company switched carriers a couple of years ago. This year, I decided to opt myself and my hubby out of the Assurant dental coverage at my work and just pay out-of-pocket. Several of my co-workers did the same, because they noticed that Assurant does not cover much and is basically one of the crappiest dental insurance one can buy. With the limited coverage that Assurant covers, it’s actually cheaper to pay out-of-pocket without insurance for a dentist, and one can go to whoever they want. After reading several negative reviews about Assurant, I’m glad I made the right choice.


  3. Rose
    Nov 30, 2015 @ 10:32:05

    Assuring dental health has very bad services and representatives who are not informed and lazy to look up people’s information. That’s why you should train your employees and root out bad seeds who are only there for a pay check, you will continue to loose customers doing bad business.


  4. Alison Routt
    Mar 21, 2016 @ 07:03:58

    Assurant Dental Insurance has not impressed me at all. I had to have 4 crowns put on in early Dec. 2016. At first they said this was not covered because it is cosmetic. I explained that this was not cosmetic because they had to be removed and replaced due to issues from root canals. My Dentist coded them properly for this. So they agree that this should be covered and according to their handbook they cover $450/tooth. I called to verify and they said that I will only get 1/2 because I have not used them for 1 yr. what?? I did finally find this clause in their paperwork but I have never heard of this before. It was buried in the paperwork they sent me when I signed up and was not in an obvious place in the paperwork. So they agreed I’m entitled to $250/tooth. For over 20 yrs. I had Met dental and they covered $2500 for this procedure now I will get $1000. I never see the reimbursement so I call back and now they tell me that the dentist did not provide tooth #s on their claim. I know my dentist did this because I made sure of this when I first call Assurant in Dec., 2015. (Why didn’t they call my dentist to get this? Okay..I know why…$$…) I ask if they can call my dentist while I am on the phone. They do this and say I should see an explanation of benefits and reimbursement within 2 weeks. It’s been 3 weeks and still nothing.
    I had Met Dental insurance for over 20 yrs. I had to have this same procedure done about 15 yrs ago and they covered $2500 and paid it immediately.
    Their customer service reps are very rude and abrupt too. I pay $600+/yr for this insurance and so far I have only been reimbursed for 1 cleaning…. As I said…so far I am not impressed at all.


  5. Jimbo
    Jul 27, 2017 @ 06:08:05

    Assurant (now Sun Life) has not paid a cent towards my dental care in almost 8 months. All the dentists around here insist that patients pay up front. They will FILE for you, but Assurant rejects everything. I’ve paid hundreds of dollars out of pocket for simple exams, cleanings, etc. What do I have this insurance for, if I can’t even get an exam or cleaning paid for?

    Have also noticed a wierd behavior from dentists since I got in the program over 4 years ago. They are averse to doing ANY work. If you have an obvious cavity, they will tell you, “I don’t see it.” I have a couple simple problems that I’ve been trying to get fixed for over a year. I have paid out of pocket for numerous exams and evaluations, but NO ONE wants to fix anything! All they do is keep referring you to specialists, who ALSO don’t want to do any work! I can’t prove it, but I think Assurant badmouths patients in an attempt to discourage doctors from doing work.


  6. Stevem17
    Jan 31, 2018 @ 19:57:49

    yup, I gout screwed by the fine folks at Assurant too. I went to the dentist because a crown came loose. The coordinator at the dentist office told me that she believed Assurant would pay for about 50% of the crown replacement. A couple of days before the dental appt to have the new crown installed, the dentist office called to inform me that Assurant will pay zilch, nada, nothing because the crown that was being replaced was only five years old and they only pay if the crown is older than eight years. What a wagon full of crap! Assurant should at least pro-rate how much they are going to pay rather than not pay anything. I am in te process of informing many of the folks who work for Travis County. Just put your money in savings and pay your own way.


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