Letter from mom Year 2.8

Dear Landon,
You turned 2 years and 8 months old this week. I’ve been sick, and you’ve been sick, so I haven’t gotten around to writing you a letter yet this month.
I’ve got to say, I’ve decide 2 is officially my favorite age. I’m not sure where the “terrible” part comes in. Yes, you have your moments and your temper tantrums, but really, they aren’t so bad. Of course, the pooping might be part of the terrible. Despite so many efforts (and a few successes at Laura’s house) I have yet to get you to poop in the potty. You continue to poop in the diaper. We can go all day without a single accident or wet diaper, but you’ll still poop in the diaper or your underwear instead of on the potty.
I know boys potty train later than girls, but most of your female peers are potty trained, and I admit to feeling a little frustrated at our lack of success. Still, I’m hopefully we can get you out of diapers before November. Why November? Well, if luck holds out and all appears healthy, there is a very strong chance you will be a big brother around Thanksgiving time this year.
You are SO HAPPY. I’ve never met a child happier than you. In the morning, you are all smiles and happiness. When we get to Laura’s in the morning, you laugh and play. You love to ride in the car, and you will point out all sorts of vehicles and things as we drive. You’ve got such eagle eyes, that if you say you see a police car, I slow down. I trust that you see one, even if I don’t! I’ve learned this because of how often you claim to see something, when I don’t, and then, later on, I see it, something you’ve been looking at for five minutes already. This especially holds true for anything with Wheels.
We went to the dentist this week, and the dentist confirmed that your 2 year molars are almost all the way in, so that’s good news. You have no cavities, and once you stopped freaking out about the dentist, you were fine, and did very well.
You also saw the allergist for your milk allergy, which is slightly worse, but not actually worse. We’re still hopeful you will outgrow it though. On March 4th you were 37 inches tall and weighs 32 lbs.

You’ve been a bit of plague baby the past 2 months. You had a spell of puking, a mystery fever, pink eye, and currently you have a nasty cold. The cold you got from me, the pink eye from Marana, but I have no idea where the rest of it came from.

We had a couple experiments with you skipping nap, but I’ve decided you really do need a nap, even if you think you don’t. At this point, when you skip a nap, you turn into a demon child about 2 hours before bedtime. Maybe that’s why they call it the terrible twos? But you’re still pretty well behaved when you get your sleep. Also, you’ve slept through the night for so long, and done it without needing any help or input from us, as long as you get someone to read you Goodnight Moon before you go to sleep. We both have had that book memorized for a while now.

We attended a Japanese festival with Emily and Gyan, and you seemed to enjoy the sites. We also went to the zoo. You were so cute. We would show you the animal and then have the following conversation:
Me: Landon, see that fox? Right there next to the rock? That’s a Fox
Landon: Yes, that’s a fox. That’s Landon’s fox.
Me: What?
Landon: that’s my fox!
Repeat for the elephants, monkeys, Oryx, Ducks, Lions, Otters, and everything else we saw.
Apparently you are going to open a Zoo!

I have created a monster.
You see, as a child, I loved this book called Cars and Trucks and Things That Go By Richard Scarry. I loved it not only because it was busy but whimsical, but also because of Goldbug. He’s hidden on every page! I saw the book when we were, and I thought, surely you will like this book. It has cars and trucks and things that go in it! And we can find goldbug together! How little did I know. YOU LOVE THIS BOOK. I just had to take a break from writing this letter in order to read you this book. And it’s a Long Book. Still, I’m glad you love it.

We had an almost emergency room visit this past month. I say almost because your doctor’s office recommended we go in to the ER, but we managed to avoid it. You, for some weird reason, decided to put Macaroni up your nose. It was horrible to get it out, you cried and struggled and we had to pin you down and stick things up your nose to get it out. Now you tell me, “Nothing in my nose, Nothing in my ears.” I hope you mean it.

We had an Easter Egg hunt in the rain this year, but overall the main thing you liked about Easter was the hot wheels that came in your Easter basket.

You’ve also started to call me Mommy recently. You normally call me Mama. You still call Daddy Dada. I don’t know why the change, but it’s cute!

Anyway, it was a busy two months.
I love you Landon!!!



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