still tired.

tbbt-workingSo on Thursday it was really windy out, and we got home around 9 from hanging out for dinner at Laura’s. Landon was awake, and I tucked him into bed. We were about 2 pages into Good Night Moon when the power went out. Luckily, Landon and I both have that book memorized, so we were able to complete the story. I managed to get out of his room in total blackness without tripping and killing myself. Landon, thankfully, was tired, and didn’t need a night light.
I come out of Landon’s room, and I can’t find Bobby. I wander around in the dark, calling out for Bobby, and occasionally threatening death to the darkness if my husband were planning to jump out and scare me. Eventually, I locate a candle, and then notice that there is a gathering of flashlights at the end of the street.

Turns out that Bobby saw out the window huge sparks/explosions at the corner, and had grabbed a flashlight and gone out to make sure there was no wildfire coming for us. The roof had blown off one of the nearby homes, and had blown through the power lines, severing them. Luckily, no one was hurt, and the police were on scene pretty quick. Power was back on around 11:30pm, which was also a good thing.

Friday work was so long. It took forever. Once it was over I went and got Bobby, then we grabbed Laura and Dirk and went over to Sweet Tomatoes for Dinner. It was good fun. We didn’t end up gaming, just talking at Laura’s, and I was so tired and felt icky, so we went home early and got some good sleep.

Saturday morning we tried to go see Monsters Vs Aliens, but Landon would not sit still, so about half way through the movie, we gave up and left. What I saw of the movie was very fun, I liked it a lot. Saturday night I had my Twilight viewing party with a few friends. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed watching the movie and extra’s with people. We did mock some of the movie as well, of course.

Sunday we took Landon to the Mall, and then met up with Uncle Jack for Lunch at Black Angus. BA opened at noon, which was late, but it was Jack’s birthday lunch. Landon’s nap usually starts around 12:30 or so, but I figured we could push it a little bit for a birthday lunch. Of course, it turns out that Sam was meeting us, and he was running late. He got there at about 12:20. Also, the place was horrible about meeting Landon’s food needs. Anyway, we didn’t get out of there till 1:30, and keeping Landon entertained was a pain in the rear. However, I really enjoyed spending time with my family, and I hope Jack enjoyed his birthday outing!

My husband is awesome. He cleaned the house and made food for the twilight party. He made me the most amazing quiche for dinner last night. I really appreciate all his help this weekend!

Landon went all day both days with only 2 accidents (both poop), so I think we are getting a little closer to potty training being complete. He still poops in his diaper, but other than that is getting really good about wanting to go in the potty.

Sunday night we FINALLY watched Supernatural. I love that show. Despite having seen Sam (the character) with his shirt off, and knowing he is buff, I always think of him as scrawny, because of the way they dress him. In last week’s episode, they have him in this almost too tight Polo shirt that shows off his yummy arms and broad shoulders. Now, I’m a Dean girl all the way, but Sam was YUM in this episode. And Dean was SO CUTE in his tie. It was a good episode, and I won’t spoil it, but I’m telling you the eye candy was wonderful in it!

Good Weekend. Now if only we can all survive till the next one!

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