Noodle Nose

firheruwen On Weds, Landon was eating macaroni noodles. He eats them plain, of course, but they are the same ones that come out of a box of Mac and Cheese. He comes out of his room and tell me he has popcorn up his nose.

You see, a couple of weeks back, Landon had stuck a popcorn seed up his nose. We got it out pretty easily with tweezers, and he got yelled at, and that was that.

Except it wasn’t.

Because he hadn’t put popcorn up his nose. He’d put cooked macaroni noodles up his nose. Macaroni noodles, once cooked, aren’t easy to grab with tweezers, especially not out of the nose of screaming, struggling, two year old.

After about a half hour of struggling, Bobby and I decided to take a breather and call the doctor. The doctor’s office nurse told us we should go to the emergency room.

Bobby and I looked at each other and sighed. Then we went back to trying to get it out ourselves again. There was more crying, more screaming, and more refusing to blow his nose. “Come on Landon, BLOW, like this, and then if you can blow the noodle out, we can stop holding you down and sticking things up your nose, wouldn’t that be nice?”

Anyway, Bobby finally got one whole noodle out. There was much rejoicing. But then, I was pretty sure he had a noodle up both nostrils. We tried to go back to work, but we could not find another noodle up either nostril.

Landon seems fine, so we theorize that he sucked up back up his nose and down his throat EWW!

After that, I told Landon very firmly, “We do not put things in our nose. Nothing up the nose!” Then I thought about that for a second, and added, “And nothing in our Ears either!” And I made him repeat it.
The first thing he said when I got him up from nap was, “Nothing in my nose. Or my ears.”

I hope to god that lesson sticks. An hour of holding him down and sticking things up his nose was no fun at all, and going to the ER would also SUCK and cost MONEY!