Where’s Goldbug?

I have created a monster.
You see, as a child, I loved this book called Cars and Trucks and Things That Go By Richard Scarry. I loved it not only because it was busy but whimsical, but also because of Goldbug. He’s hidden on every page! I saw the book when we were shopping last weekend, and I thought, surely Landon will like this book. It has cars and trucks and things that go in it! And we can find goldbug together!

A lot of my childhood books have held little interest for Landon, so I was delighted that he loved the book as much as I did. We play “where’s goldbug” and read the book aloud. But it’s a long book. And now Landon wants to read it OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

I hate to tell him no when he asks me to read to him, but if it were up to him, I’d read him this book every 15 minutes.

Crazy child. Cute, amazing, but crazy child.

Also, if your child gets pink eye, or you do, here’s a little home cure my mom told me about. Use at your own risk, I am not a doctor!


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