less pink, more eyes

Well, the weekend ended up not being such a bust after all.
So Thursday Landon wakes up with Pink eye. Only I didn’t know! Yes, he had gummy eyes, but they weren’t PINK. I didn’t even know it was going around.
I found out after I got to Laura’s that it was going around some of the people who had been there, although Laura’s family was pink eye free.
Anyway, we got some drops on loan from Julia, whose daughter had just finished pink eye. Except that her son got it on Friday, so we had to give the drops back.
So it’s 3:45 on a Friday, and I call Landon’s doctor, and she closes at four PM. The nurse won’t call in an RX for pink eye without seeing Landon, and since they close in 10 minutes, we would have to just go to urgent care.
So I call Landon’s old doctor’s office, who I do not like. They are open till 5. They also want to see him before calling in an RX. They asked me how long until I could be there, I said we could be there in 10 minutes. She said, “You’re appointment is NOW, get here ASAP.”
So we got there, and the doctor said, so why are you here? I said, well, he has pink eye. The doctor says, “Yes, I can see that.”
So he got his money from me (co-pay) and his money from the insurance co, and gave us the RX.

We filled it, but since Landon had been on the borrowed drugs, by Saturday morning he was no longer contagious.
I talked Grandma into taking him, so Bobby and I got our date!
We went and ate at Joe’s Crab Shack, which I didn’t like very much. Bobby wanted the Steam Pots that they have been advertising on TV. Bobby thought it was okay, but not great. Afterwards we stopped by The Game Depot and shopped. We thought about a movie, but decided to enjoy each other’s company instead. So we walked around some stores, and eventually got some Gelato. It was a pleasant evening, I enjoyed it. When we were done, we went home (Landon stayed overnight with grandma) and watched Supernatural. The Episode from Thursday was called “The Head of a Pin” and it was EXCELLENT. I LOVED IT. Better than any movie we might have gone to see.
We also watched Dollhouse “The Man on the Street” I’m all caught up on Dollhouse, but I have to say, I still don’t love it. I’m not even sure I like it!

Sunday morning we did some shopping, and some relaxing. Bobby also got our Taxes done this weekend (GO BOBBY!) and we are getting a nice return, at some point.

Sunday afternoon I grabbed Landon and we went to the park, and I took some pictures.

why his knees are always skinned

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