movie thoughts?

So Bobby and I might actually get a date night this weekend. We are talking about seeing a movie, and Bobby said I can pick!
I’m a little conflicted. I kind of like to see Watchmen. At the same time, I loved Escape to Witch Mountain, so I’m thinking about Race to Witch Mountain, and the Rock, who I LOVE. I mean, I loved the Witch Mountain movies. And the Rock is yummy. Watchmen might be depressing (no spoilers please), and Witch Mountain might be funny. I prefer funny to depressing.
Beyond that, Witch Mt is rated PG, so we could, in theory, attempt that with Landon, so maybe I should go with the more “adult” movie?

Of course, I’m also open to other suggestions. Keep in mind, 1 movie every other month is about all we manage to go see!