Landon’s zoo

tbbt-rock-paper All and all it was a pretty good weekend.

Friday night we played D&D and had some tasty chili. The game was a little frustrating, as we all were rolling terribly. Also, the whole crew seemed tired, so we called it a little early, which was nice as that meant more sleep.

Saturday I got up with Landon and we went over to the Costco Home Store, followed by Chandler Mall. We had fun walking around and looking at things, but we didn’t buy anything. We stopped by Basha’s on the way home as they have Buffalo in this week. In the evening Bobby made me Buffalo Burgers with excellent gluten free buns (I couldn’t even tell they were GF) and Dubliner cheese. The burgers were some of the best I have ever had.

Saturday night, Melanie came over to play rockband. We bathed Landon, and got him ready for bed while talking to Mel. Every night we ask Landon if he would like “mama book” or “dada book” tonight. He looked at me when asked and said “Melanie book!” I responded with “what?” and told me “THAT ONE” and pointed at Mel. Luckily for all of us, Mel was agreeable, and read him one of his three books. Go Mel!

Sunday morning we got up and went to the zoo with Landon. He was so cute. We would show him the animal and then have the following conversation:
Me: Landon, see that fox? Right there next to the rock? That’s a Fox
Landon: Yes, that’s a fox. That’s Landon’s fox.
Me: What?
Landon: that’s my fox!

Repeat for the elephants, monkeys, Oryx, Ducks, Lions, Otters, and everything else we saw. I finally asked Landon if he was planning to open a Zoo we didn’t know about. To which he replied, “Sure!”

We ended up having lunch over at Oreganos, which was delicious. Bobby got a salad, and Landon had pasta.

We took Landon home and he took a good nap, and I took a nap too, because I was exhausted. Once I got up, Bobby made Buffalo steaks and rosemary potatoes for dinner, also excellent. We put Landon to bed at his usual time and watched the new Wonder Woman movie that came out last week. It was very good, I enjoyed it!

After the movie, as we were getting into bed (around 9:30) Landon started crying. I went downstairs and comforted him, and he went back to sleep. At 10:20 he woke up again. Bobby got him settled. In the meantime, I had horrid insomnia and couldn’t sleep. Just as I was finally about to doze off, just after midnight, Landon woke up again! I went down and comforted him. I don’t know if he was just over excited from going to the zoo, or what, but I finally got him calmed down, and we had the following discussion:
Landon: Landon’s awake!
Me: I know, but it’s the middle of the night, you should be asleep.
Landon: Watch TV? In my room?
Me: No it’s time to sleep
Landon: Go to Laura’s? (hopeful voice)
Me: No Landon, Momma has to sleep more before she can drive to Laura’s, but you can go to Laura’s in the morning, ok?
Landon: Ok.

So he went back to sleep, and woke up a happy Landon when I came downstairs at 5:45AM to head to Laura’s. I, in the meantime, tossed and turned all night, only grabbing about 2 hours of sleep in total.

I would like a nap please.

OTOH, I’m really looking forward to playing rockband tonight!