Update on Landon Milk Allergy

Landon has a dairy allergy. He is allergic to the milk protein called casein. He can not under any circumstance have Cheese, Milk, Butter, or anything with casein in it at all. We visit an allergist annually to monitor his condition.

Well, on Weds of last week we took Landon for a blood draw. He did very well, partly because the nurse was AWESOME. She was cheerful, and played with Landon and kept him smiling and laughing. When they actually put the needle in him, he freaked out for a second or two, but between the nurse being so awesome and Bobby we managed to get him to stop crying. By the time they were done he was doing very well.

Today I went to the Allergist to get the results. Landon was weighed and measured. He is 37 inches tall and weighs 32 lbs.

Landon’s allergy is a little bit worse. Not a lot worse, but the numbers are slightly higher than they were last time. The doctor said that the increase was within normal fluctuations, so he said it’s basically the same severity as it was before. We talked about Landon’s last exposure to Milk a couple of months back (on Dec 22nd, although I didn’t tell the doctor the date because I didn’t remember it) and his reaction to it. Basically Landon got a bad rash and was a little bit puffy. The doctor was a little bit wafflely on if we should get an Epi Pen or not. I need to talk to Bobby it. The doctor said that based on his reactions he probably doesn’t need it. At the same time, I keep thinking it doesn’t hurt to have it. I don’t know what the cost is or what (if any) training we would need to have one. I should probably do more research. The doctor basically said that given his age and reactions, at this time we shouldn’t worry about it.

He did say that Landon still has a decent chance to out grow this. He also said that food “processed on shared equipment with milk ingredients” is a NO, but that “processed in the same facility as milk ingredients” is okay. Next appointment will be set up for March of next year.

Landon was good at the appointment, behaved well, and seemed to do okay.

Here are Landon’s numbers, for my reference:

Test on 2/25/09

Cow Milk Conc 19.10H class 4H

IgE 155H

Test in Feb 08 was 12.57

Test in Feb 07 was 7.98

To me, these numbers trend to it getting worse, not better.


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