Landon letter 2.5 years

Dear Landon-
Happy Valentines Day! You are now two and a half years old. I know people call them the terrible twos, and they do have their ups and downs, but overall, I’ve really enjoyed you being two.

happy landon

Potty training is coming along. Really, you are your own biggest hurdle at this point. You know when you need to potty, you know how to go in the potty, but you don’t always like to tell us you need to go potty. I feel like I’ve gotten you as far as I can, that you need to take that final step. Maybe I’m wrong, but for now, I don’t see any reason to push harder.

in the tunnel

Dad took you to go see a movie, and he blogged about it with the following comments:

Boys Day:
Yesterday got to stay home with just me and Landon. We hit the park and spent a good amount of time playing on the playground. I do wish they would make those just a little bigger they really are fun things to mess around on. After we got done there we hit Burger King for some fries and some more playtime on the indoor slides. Then we hit the movie theater and watched Madagascar 2 and demolished a large bag of popcorn. Finally ended the day at home playing flip the Landon. Overall a really good day and Landon was well behaved until mom came home, but all in all he was good. I look forward to doing it again.
Landon and Dad on Valentines day:

Landon and dada play at the park

We had Emily come over and spend the day with you, which was a blast, and the very next day, we went to comic con, and you met your first storm troopers. You thought the con was neat, but nothing amazing. You loved the talking Karr, and enjoyed having Emily there to run about with.
In history this past month, Barrack Obama was sworn in as president.

In bad news, you discovered your inner ear this week. You love to play games that spin you in a circle and you enjoy making yourself dizzy. Well, until yesterday, when such a game made you vomit. Vomiting freaked you out, thankfully, so hopefully, you will learn to reign in your dizzy making activates. I felt so bad for you! We got you cleaned up in no time though! Given the fact that your father and I are both prone to dizziness, this did not surprise me. I’m just glad it didn’t happen earlier.

Happy 2 and one half birthday my little man!

Lunch with Sam and Jack



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