Landon letter

Dear Landon
You are now two years and five months old. I know I say this a lot, but it is just amazing to watch you grow! You language skills really do amaze me every month. You can very clearly tell us what you want now, and can be rather demanding. You still aren’t totally clear in everything you say, but you are coming along rather nicely.
Let’s see, it’s been two months since our last letter. Let’s start out by talking about bath time. Recently, you’ve come around to liking bath time again. We tell you it’s time to play with your bath toys, and you go into the bathroom rather happily. You like to pour water from one cup to another, and then drink the bath water saying “Good Coffee!” On the bath tub water spout, we currently have a Fire fighter rubber duck cover to keep you from hitting your head. You like to open the flip top hat on the duck and pour water into it. Then you make a sort of grinding sound, like an espresso machine. After that you will hand out imaginary cups of coffee to us. We have dubbed this Firefighter Duck Coffee, and declared it the best in the world.
We did, also, give you your first ever bubble bath. I’ve held off, because with your Eczema and allergies, it didn’t seem like a great idea. Also, as a child, I had skin reactions to many bubble baths and bath paints. You really enjoyed the bubble bath, but unfortunately, you also got a skin reaction to it. This means no more bubble baths for a while.

You enjoy watching a movie in your bedroom. You often ask to watch movies, and it’s cute the way you name them. Your favorites right now are Kung Fu Panda (panda), Horton Hears a Who (elephant), Wall-E (wally), Cars (cars) and Madagascar (Giraffe). One of the things I am grateful for is how you are willing, after a long day at Laura’s and a hard day at work for your parents, to sit down with us and watch a little TV, or go into your room and watch an hour of a movie, so that your father and I can get back some of our sanity. We really appreciate it!

You and Emily have been spending a little more time together recently. Dada and Emily’s Dad have gotten together more often to play with their 40K dolls. They have fun and keep an eye on you and Emily. I like it because you guys get some time to play together on a Sunday morning, and I get to catch up on sleep! You and Emily are learning how to share and play together, and you seem to really have a blast. You often ask if you can go to Emily’s house!
Just a note, both you and Emily, as well as some of the other daycare children had Fifth’s disease in the last two months. Just an FYI for you.

We celebrated your third Christmas Hanukah, and Solstice last month. What a whirlwind the holidays are! We took you to meet Santa, and you Totally Freaked on him. I don’t know why. You like people; normally people don’t freak you out. You loved all the lights this year. You also finally seemed to understand the concept of presents and opening them. I was a little sad that you walked right by the gifts that Santa left out for you though! I was so excited to see your face, and you didn’t even notice them! Once I pointed out the fire truck you seemed to enjoy the presents! You would open a gift, and I could tell instantly if you loved it or not. If you loved it, you would ask us to take it out of the box right now! If you didn’t you would smile and raise your arms out and sweetly say, “More Presents?”
You totally enjoyed Christmas. You made out like a bandit, of course. Your favorite gifts where the ones with wheels. You got two fire trucks that you love to play with, and a toddler sized big wheels which you ride around the house. You also got some clothes and some coloring books. You love stickers as well.

You got milk poisoned again, at Laura’s this time. One of the girls left some yogurt out, and you stole it and ate it. You broke out in a pretty bad rash, but recovered quickly and didn’t seem to have any breathing issues. You have also developed an over possessiveness around food. If you are presented with a plate of food that you decide is yours, you will not willing share it. In fact you will through a temper tantrum if someone tries to take the food away, even if you don’t want it.

We took a mini vacation to see the snow in Flagstaff. We stayed at a hotel, and Daddy made you a bed on the floor under the sink. You really liked having the cave like space to yourself, and you had a sleeping bag and pillow and lots of blankets. You loved the snow. You wanted to play in it all day long. We also went up to see the Grand Canyon. It was so beautiful! Although you loved the snow more than the canyon. Overall we had a good trip, although you were pretty bored by the time we were on the way home, you felt that the drive home was too long!

Probably the most disgusting thing to happen in the last month was that you finally had your first poop mess. You took your diaper off while you were supposed to be napping, and then you decided to poop. After that you thought for some reason it needed to be in the window, and that your cars might like to drive in it. It was just weird and gross. I opened the door to wake you up from the nap, and found you naked, covered in poop. I grabbed you and took you to the shower. I turned it on and you Freaked Out. Apparently you don’t like showers very much. It took us a long time to get you and your room cleaned up. I have to say that in the end, it was pretty gross, and I’m thankful that you haven’t done it again since.

Overall you have been a good kid. You love to go to Laura’s. I can’t say what you do there all day, but you totally love to go there and ask to go almost every day. You are an amazing little boy! We love you very much.

Love Always


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