why WP

Well, Livejournal is down at the moment.
So lets take a minute to explain this new blog. I wanted to back up my my six or so plus years of LJ blogging, given the current status of LJ and it’s recent changes of hand. I don’t plan to give up my lj, just keep a record over here too.
All my posts from LJ have been moved over, however my private entries and friends only entries and filtered entries all showed as public. I’ve made all my entries private except for the last few. Eventually I will go through them and make some of them public.

I’m still trying to figure out which picture uploader is a good one to use. I’d like something that will let me continue my epic picture posts alive and easy to do. Flickr, as far as I can tell, would make me get the code for each picture, instead of as a group. Any thoughts?


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