It never fails to amaze me what a miracle it is watching Landon grow.
It used to be, when I wanted to direct or grab Landon, and I was standing straight, all I could reach was his head. I could steer him only by putting my hand on his head and urging him to go in the correct direction.
A couple of days ago we went on a walk. I wanted Landon to turn, and I reached over and without bending down put my hand on the top of his shoulder. On his Shoulder. He’s getting bigger.

I keep thinking that I will stop being surprised by his verbal abilities, but I’m not. He talks, I understand him. Well, most of the time, I do. And he knows what he wants. He gets upset when we don’t give it to him. Landon can count to ten, and seems to understand the concept, not just repeat numbers. He’s getting really good at his colors too. He is right about 85% of the time now.

I’m just really enjoying watching this kid grow and learn.

Today, he came up to me and gave me a big kiss, completely unprompted. I mean, Landon will give you a kiss if you ask, but this was out of the blue.

Landon is just so AWESOME. And I’m just so Proud.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. powerpuffer
    Nov 26, 2008 @ 12:29:57

    this is exactly how i feel too! just amazed and SO BLESSED! i LOVE umprompted kisses.


  2. skatured
    Nov 26, 2008 @ 12:42:42

    Aww, I can’t wait for out of the blue kisses.


  3. kimbee80
    Nov 26, 2008 @ 15:46:34

    that is a great post jen! happy thanksgiving you guys!!


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