re: twilight in 15 minutes

It’s time to talk Twilight.

To start with, if you have read the books, but not seen the movie, you will most likely enjoy the movie, whether it be for the LOLs or for a genuine love of the movie.
If you haven’t read the book, but like supernatural romance, and are prepared to deal with a teenage romance as well, you will enjoy it.
However, the makeup and hair was awful, and the movie won’t be winning any awards, yet it was playful and fun, had plot, and was entertaining. That’s how I rate how good a movie is.

I’m a total freak. I went and saw this movie opening night with all my friends. I laughed through the whole thing.
After the movie, I felt like I didn’t give it a fair shake, because I was so busy laughing.
So Sunday morning I managed to sneak away and watch the movie at 9:20AM at the cheap ($5) AMC showing. I expected this showing to be dead, but it was almost as full as the Friday night show.

As far a spoiler filled review, if you’ve already seen it, you should go read Twilight in 15 minutes is by my most favorite Twi-blogger. It’s hysterical.

Here’s what I thought. Carlise’s entrance had me rolling both times I saw the movie. It was just so Grand.

Ed’s shamefacedness at his own sparkles was also an LOL moment, both times, no matter how serious I tried to take it.

Bella’s room doubles in size they night the make out. Seriously.

I had a little trouble buying the Love bit. It made less sense on Bella’s end than it did in the books. Ed’s just got Vampire mojo causing some of his crazy, so it’s easier to deal with.

There are things in the preview that are not in the movie. “She’s not one of us Edward, It’s Wrong” for example.

Jasper was creepy. Really Creepy.

Stalker Edward was creepy and messed up the time line. “Stalker Ed- How long have you been sneaking into this room at night?” “A few months” “That’s odd, I’ve only been in Forks a month….have you and Charlie got something going on?”

Why didn’t Bella cook?

However, given the low budget at hand, overall, I thought they did a good job. It kept mostly true to the book, I loved the New Moon set up at the end. I enjoyed the movie. I loved the contacts used on the Cullens. Rose and Emmet were almost perfect. Alice was okay, needed more screen time. The baseball game? Pure Awesome. Probably my favorite part. That or when Alice pulls off James’ head.
Also, James was the hottest person in the movie. I’m just saying.

All and All. I LOVED IT!