Letter from mom Year 2.3

Dear Landon
Let me start out by apologizing that there was no letter last month. I’m afraid I wasn’t in a good place to write one. You see, I had a miscarriage. I was pretty excited that you were going to be a big brother, and now that’s been pushed out a bit. Don’t let it get you too down, by the time you can read this it will have happened long ago and far away. And by the time you read this, with the grace of the heavens, you will be a big brother. But this letter isn’t about me; it’s about you, so let’s talk about what has happened in your life in the last 2 months.
I swear to you that you have actually gotten cuter. It’s because you talk so much. You say the most adorable things. I’m going to quote some journal entries to you to help explain”
Sept 18
Landon was so cute last night. He was sitting on the couch between Bobby and me, and I had been tickling him. Then Bobby tickled him. After a couple of seconds of Bobby tickling him, Landon said, “No Dada! No.” and Bobby stopped tickling him, and then Landon looked at me and said, “Mama turn?” So I tickled him for a second. Then Landon said, “Dada Turn?” rinse and repeat for a half hour. I was laughing so hard at how cute and wonderful Landon is. It was so adorable.

Landon has started helping us feed the dogs. It’s one of his favorite things to do. He’ll carry one bowl out to the garage, let us fill it, and then carry it inside. He then gives it to us to mix up, (we mix canned in with the dry food) and then Landon will take Columbia’s bowl over to her. He tells her to sit, (and we have to back up his command, as he’s still not clear enough for Colo to understand) and once she does, he will set the food bowl down for her. It is so very cute. Landon will pick up the bowl when it’s empty and tell us. “Dog food?” He always wants to feed them!

This morning though, when Damia (Laura’s 9 year old daughter) came out of her room at Laura’s, Landon pointed at her and said “DOG FOOD!” over and over. I think he was calling her names!
Sept 20
For a long time, neither Bobby nor I drank coffee. But while we were living in Portland, Bobby developed a taste for it. He’s got this whole process on how to make it. Part of that process involves using our one cup brewer (a keurig), which is done by basically adding coffee and pushing a couple of buttons. Bobby often has Landon help him make coffee by letting Landon push the buttons, and then praising Landon for making coffee.
This is all well and good, and the bonding experience is adorable. Landon just loves to make coffee for us all!

Oct 18
Landon is so cute. He’s in his bedroom watching Yo Gabba Gabba, and I brought him in his vitamins for the day. When I set them down he looked up at me and said “Thank You Mama” He’s getting very good about saying thank you for things, and I love it!
On Sept 29 there was a trailer/house fire in our neighborhood. I ended up stopping the car by the fire to ensure there was no help that we could give. It was very freaky, but you handled it well. The fire was pretty intense.
On Oct 1st you went in for your third attempt at a wart removal for the wart on your knee. I suspect you will end up with a scar there for life. I’m letting you know now that it was a choice between the scar and HUGE WART. We chose the scar, and I am so sorry if we chose wrong. It was not a good day, but you did get an otter pop for breakfast.
Oct 6th was a Saturday, and that morning you and I went to the park. We had a blast. You played and you ran and you reminded me of all the good things in life. We went into the racket ball courts, and the echoes made you think you were hearing a dragon. You were adorable.
It was on the morning of Oct 29 that we went to the doctor to get you a flu shot. Later that day, we ended up going g back to the doctor for a well baby visit, and you showed me how much memory you have. After a lot of fussing, we got you cleared for dental work later, and you also got an otter pop.
The afore mentioned dental work was performed on Nov 7th at a surgery center in Gilbert. Your extra front tooth had yielded a cavity where it was attached to your planned front tooth. We had to put you under to have this work done. You were a trooper for most everything that was done before and after the surgery though. Your smile has changed, but it’s still you smiling. Just for the record, insurance didn’t pay for a big chunk of this, so your smile cost a lot of money. Keep that in mind when we are old and need care, okay?
You went to a birthday party for your friend Bridget on Nov 9th and due to the timing of the party, you totally skipped a nap. You took no nap at all, making it your first official no nap day. Thankfully, you were well behaved despite the lack of nap and returned to your old nap habits without complaint on the following day.
Other things that you have really started to do with gusto in the last two months include Singing. You try to sing, and know that we love you and think you are wonderful in all things, but that as your parents at this time we must advise you that you will not make the school choir. Perhaps with some training, but it is still incredibly cute to watch you and listen to you sing! You love to sing the Backyardagians theme song and Puff the Magic Dragon.
You have started to utter the famous phrase, “Watch Mama!” and I suspect I will hear that a lot in the coming years. You also like to play the “Close your eyes” game. This is a game where you ask someone to close their eyes. Then you whisper “1, 2” and then you yell, which makes the person with their eyes closed jump in surprise. This makes you laugh. We love you. You also tell Knock Knock jokes, sort of. You say Knock Knock, and then I say Whose there. And then you laugh and say Knock Knock again.
This morning, while watching the “Going to Mars” episode of the backyardagains, you decidid you wanted to be an Astronaut. This makes me very happy, even if you don’t hold onto this dream; you can tell people that when you were 2, you wanted to be an astronaut.
You went with me when I cast my vote in what some people are calling a historic election. I don’t know what history will have to say about it by the time you read this, but know that you were there when Mom voted for Obama, even if you slept through his actual acceptance speech. I’m proud to know that he will be your president.
I can’t think of too much else to write about specifically for the last two month. In general I can tell you that you basically eat 4 foods: Chicken nuggets, PB&J, noodles, and rice. We can also get you to eat some fruits, crackers, and cookies, but your diet is not as healthy as we would like, or as varied.
You love going to Laura’s. You get to hang out each day with Darion, Bridget, Alyssa, and Addyson. You often don’t want to go home after a fun day at Laura’s. Your dad took a Trip to Costa Rica this past month, and you missed him mightily for the week he was gone.
Perhaps the best thing though, is that you like to say “I love you mama”
I love you too Landon. Always and forever.


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